Big Brother Canada 4: Vote Plans In Week 6

With the Veto Ceremony over for this week on Big Brother Canada 4 the final noms are set and that means it’s time to get working on the votes.

Phil & Nikki talk votes for BBCAN4
Phil & Nikki talk votes for BBCAN4 – Source: Global

Eight HGs are voting again this week so there could be a tie which Raul would have to break. Best option for either nom is to make sure there are five in his corner and avoid Raul’s influence in the situation.

Things look bad for Mitch. Kelsey returning to the game really screwed him over with his workings exposed and only a few willing to stay near him. Nikki is one of those few and she’s been trying to convince Tim it’s the right thing to keep Mitch.

Tim had previously said he would not keep Mitch and while he might pretend to be open to the topic I’m not so sure he’ll do it. For some reason everyone wants to give the Third Wheel what it wants on a daily basis.

Mitch tried explaining to HGs the dangers of having a three-person alliance with a rundown on the math and probabilities of their advantages, but it doesn’t seem to have helped too much. He also tried working on Phil to explain how Jared was deceiving everyone in to thinking they were a special snowflake and the fourth member of the Third Wheel. It might get Phil concerned, but not sure it’s enough to move that needle.

I don’t see this working and that stinks. Joel is playing a good game so he isn’t bad to keep, but Mitch was playing a better one before production fixed that little problem. Oh well. I’ll be glad to be surprised, but right now the votes are stacking up in Joel’s favor and I’ll expect Mitch to be evicted on Thursday.