Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Have-Not Twist Vote Revealed

The latest Big Brother Canada twist let viewers vote for two Houseguests who would become Have-Nots for the week before having a chance to compete for a special, hidden power. The results of that vote are in.

Brittnee Blair crying in the BBCAN3 house
Brittnee Blair crying in the BBCAN3 house – Source: Global

This morning on the Live Feeds Big Brother called in the Houseguests and informed them that the public had voted for this week’s Have-Nots, but there was no mention of the potential benefit of this vote. It sounded only like a negative for the two recipients who assumed the public really didn’t like them too much.

Brittnee & Sarah are this week’s Have-Nots following the viewer vote. They’ll be staying in the HN Room with a pending power waiting for them beneath the floor. Until then, they’re stuck thinking the viewers aren’t too happy with them.

Brittnee was left in tears as the other HGs consoled her and suggested it was related to who she had evicted rather than anything personal about her.

Soon Brittnee and Sarah will face off in a competition. The winner will get the special power which will let her change at least one of the nominations just before the live vote.

Now at this point Sarah has won the Veto and will use it on herself. Ashleigh’s plan is to renom Brittnee leaving her and Godfrey on the block.

Either one of these ladies will save Brittnee with the power and possibly Godfrey, but I’m not entirely confident Godfrey will come down. Unless… the power holder could take down both noms then put up Bruno and Zach. This would prevent Bruno from voting to keep Zach over Godfrey.

I’ll have to go through the numbers and see which one is more likely to go, but there will be four votes which gives Ashleigh the tie-breaker chance this week. If it’s Zach & Bruno on the block with votes going to a tie then it’s obvious that Bruno is done. But, if Brittnee & Sarah get Godfrey to vote out Zach as well then he’s gone and Bruno stays.

Should be a great week ahead, but things will be quiet until Wednesday night when we’ll miss most of this happening on the Feeds and the show will have been long since taped when the drama dies down and the Feeds return. Sigh.


  1. I can’t help but be surprised that Sarah won the popularity contest AND the veto! I mean of course the best way to go is pull them both off. Of course Godfrey will vote Zach out, it’s been his mission since the sleeping giant woke up lol.

    I would LOVE if Zach left on Ashleigh’s HOH after Zach’s HOH lost his other closest allies!

  2. I feel so bad for Brittnee and Sarah thinking Canada voted for them because we don’t like them. I hope they get to find out real soon that isn’t the case.

  3. I love, love, love this! So, Arisa tweeted that the Secret Veto holder gets to pick the replacement nominees and not the HOH so if either Sarah or Brittnee use it to take Britt and Godfrey off the block, either Britt or Sarah could put Bruno/Zach up and Zach would be out the door.


    • What!! Yasss that changes everything!! ^_^ this just may be the week Zach goes home!! Eekk! Excited to see this all play off

  4. Yep I knew people would vote for these two out of popularity and not because they are playing the best game. Viewers really should not be able to vote for big twists like this because it’s obvious they have a bias. I would like to see Zach go but I want to see the houseguests do it on their own. I as a viewer wouldn’t want to willingly mess up Zach’s game just because I don’t want him to win. Sigh.

    • I wouldn’t call giving a majority alliance a devastating hit and taking out a competition beast/social player in Kevin as “not playing the best game”. Sarah and Brittnee both deserve every bit of popularity they received from the public because they’re willing to shake things up when needed to better their chances of making it to the end.

      • I meant that nobody here is really playing the best game because the balance of power shifts. If you think they’re the only two willing to make big moves then you would be incorrect. Everyone at this point is a big target. There’s no playing it safe now. The diaper alliance did not dominate for most of the season. I don’t know why you think that. The balance of power has been shifting all season. None of the alliances stay intact for long. Besides, Sarah won the veto and Britnee probably wont be nominated so they will both be safe. It would be better if Sarah or Brittnee won Hoh next week and then got rid of Zach that way but we’ll see what happens.

      • Honestly there is no need to try and justify this horrible twist. I understand that taking out Zach is a good move and I would like to see that happened, but I don’t want to see Zach go via a twist through the viewing public because they don’t like him. You and I both know that it is unfair. I know that Big Brother isn’t fair but If it was the other way around there will be a huge backlash.

        • But don’t you think an added element to the Big Brother Canada game is to constantly find favour with the audience, especially since the twists are a lot more viewer-interactive as opposed to the American one? You can play the game anyway you want, but if you’re playing arrogantly and cocky, you’ll be in the viewers’ bad books, and when the time comes for another Twistos Twist to be unleashed, you may find yourself in a very sticky predicament that will almost certainly result in your bum being on the other side of those doors.

          Kevin took to this concept very early in the game with the balloon popping task to win the house their furniture and belongings. He decided to sabotage the task for that $1,000 because he figured that sort of action would get Canada on his side. He was fully aware that there would be sporadic viewer-influenced twists, and he wanted to be in their good books when these twists were introduced. I quite liked him until he aligned with Zach and their girls and formed the Diaper Alliance. He should have won, but unfortunately his luck ran out at the triple eviction.

          • I just don’t like viewers screwing with people’s games just because they don’t like them. The houseguests are there to play a game and win some money. Not have viewers decide their fate, ESPECIALLY if they are playing a great game such as Zach and Bruno. Both of them are playing a good game and the viewers want to ruin that just because they don’t like them. But at the same time, viewers complain about players not playing the game. I don’t mind twist but I just don’t like viewers giving their favorites advantages just to ruin another person’s game.

        • But it would still be a different story if any of the public’s favorite won Head of Household so it could all go disarray, especially on whoever lands in third in the votes and who between it and the other Have-Not wins the special power, and if the winner’s target won POV, and leaving you with potentially the most undesirable selection of replacement nominees on eviction night.

          As such in this game with interactivity so heavily embedded in its DNA, just about anything can happen.

      • I agree with you about Sarah and Brittnee. They’re always in a bad predicament, and they’re surviving. I think they’re good players.

    • I agree 100%. This twist is horrible. BBCAN is known for ruining people’s games, this is the third season in a row that this happened. Instead of a coup de tat why not a Secret Veto like the one Alison had last year.

      • It’s absolutely terrible when it is so rigged against someone no matter how unlikable they are. I hated Frankie last year but he played the game fairly well. Zach is too and now he is going cause he is unpopular and that is ridiculous.

        • Hey…this just shows future players that showmances isn’t your ticket to the end…expect the unexpected..and it shouldn’t be that way…otherwise future BBC’s would be an orgy of showmances is that what we want?

          • That doesn’t seem like a strong argument because Jeff and Jordan were a showmance and she won BB11. Let’s not forget that America voted for Jeff to get coup just because he was popular. Viewers only care about popularity and not the actual game. When I watch big brother I try to be as objective as possible and imagine what it would be like if I was in the house.

          • I do the exact same thing Kenny lol. Hopefully next year I can see what it is like to play the game.

  5. I know she doesn’t really play the game, but isn’t Pili still a factor? She would vote and could be renomed?

  6. I do enjoy the show, but this is like revolving door for big players. lol…do we wanna see this?…Why not!

    • I totally agree this is great…every player has in their mind a way to play the be honest if the blueprint in the future is to get 3 guys together and form an alliance and start showmances to get the numbers…then what game playing is that…they could go through the season with numbers and get everyone out…is that good game playing???

  7. Is it possible Sarah won veto….look out houseguests the siren has been unleashed…so far we have awaken a giant and now a siren….and a possibility of more power in the twist!!!…let’s she how she is going to handle this scenario…we will find out if she’s all talk or can she play!!!!

  8. If they want Zach gone, why not put him with Pilar since she would not vote against him; Bruno would vote with the girls and God b/c he already knows they want him gone. I also think there’s too much audience interaction; there’s no point in winning comps and playing strategic if the viewers can screw everything up. Kenny may won last year if it weren’t for the audience interfering

    • I don’t see it as being “interferance”.

      Interactivity is what makes the format of the show exciting as it lets everyone be involved in a way that goes beyond picking what secret tasks to do and what food a Have-Not can eat.

      Twists like this can either yield the desired result (like the secret power to nullify nominations post-Veto) or ended up being wasted like the double Veto Power Bruno had won a few weeks back.

      And to be clear, the public’s only role was determining who will be Have-Nots/eligible to take part for the power in question so the housemates voted to be HN’s are essentially being thrown into a competition itself.

      It would still be their choice in the end to whether or not use it and whether it would be beneficial for them or otherwise.

      It wouldn’t be as convenient to use it if one of the people voted the most ended up winning HOH and whoever takes his/her place is someone who may ruin everything, among so many different scenarios that could play out this week.

      Perhaps if Zach didn’t chicken out from his initial (and smart) plans, his gameplay would have turned out extremely different than what we are getting now.

      As for putting Pilar with Zach. There is a strong chance the votes will end up being a tie as Bruno might sway Godfrey out of evicting him over Pili. The smartest option for Sarah/Brittnee is to pair Bruno with Zach so that there is a guaranteed 3-votes for Zach to be evicted.

        • Nope. Just seeing things on another view point.

          Someone from twitter mentioned this the other day: “Want ‘run of the mill’ Big Brother? Watch BBUS. Want unpredictable? Watch BBCAN. Don’t complain about format once you choose.

  9. Honestly these twists arnt here to wreck someone’s game it its all setup before Hand. The reason Zachery is hated is because he did play a good game but he played all sides and that was bound to catch up with him in the end. I voted for Sarah and Brittnee because I love how the power shifts in this game, that’s what makes it interesting. This game is not all about a good strategy there are so many factors that go into it. Its the players own fault if they ignore Canada’s influence in the game. To play a good game is to over come all these challenges. For all these people complaining it’s not the American big brother bbcan won’t change its format so it’s just something that you have to get use to.

    • Why should players be forced to do what WE want them to do. I don’t think players should have to be forced to please us. It seems like butt kissing. When I watch BB I try to be as objective as possible. As long as players aren’t straight up bullying or threatening anybody they should do whatever they feel the need to do. They shouldn’t be playing for our love and support. They should be playing to win the money for themselves and their families. What’s the point of comps if we just vote for who we want to win. We might as well make this like the UK version. I don’t watch that version for obvious reasons but if that’s what the vast majority of people want instead of actual gameplay and strategy then they might as well change it.

  10. Britney and Sarah proved how bad players they are during the triple eviction… and now Canada is rewarding them with special powers? What the hell?

    My objective opinion is that only Bruno, God and Zach deserve to win this season… but with these stupid twists it’s getting more likely that Ashley and Pilar will be the F2! lol

  11. sucks to be Ashley, Hey tell the house who your top 3 targets are so we can give one of them the hoh power without the risk of veto, oh and Zach the producers are gunning for you! they didnt even count the votes, likely same thing with the 100 minutes it was conveniently whenever Sarah hit the button cause she couldnt win anything we could witness the real results of :/ Saw that coming the moment it started.

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