Big Brother Canada 3 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 4

A new Head of Household has been crowned on Big Brother Canada and that means more nominations in the secretive Vault as two Houseguests head to the chopping block and a new Veto twist looms in the near future.

Johnny Colatruglio looks worried on Big Brother Canada
Johnny Colatruglio looks worried on Big Brother Canada 3 – Source: Global

We watched last night as Graig was voted out ten to nothing and darted for the front door leaving the other Houseguests to fight in the over-marketed HoH competition. (Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.) Want to find out who won HoH last night? We’ve got your spoilers.

So who is going up on the block? Discussions overnight on the BBCAN3 Feeds reveal who is in the most danger at the moment.

Bruno Ielo has the power to decide and right now it looks like Johnny and Sarah are heading to the block. Both of these HGs know they’re being targeted and the pressure is on but we can’t forget about that Veto twist.

Johnny was expressing hope for a special Veto power and he just might get his wish, but will it be enough to save him? We’ll have to keep watching for the Feed spoilers.

What do you think of Bruno’s plans? Who would you nominate if you were HoH this week?

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  1. In the end Bruno wins. If the more potentially game-changing double veto was used, he can still target another pair from the other side so Kevin and possibly even Brittnee will be on his shortlist will stick to it by Sunday’s POV.

    • Yeah, I think you’re right. Bruno has enough options that he can field up to four noms without an issue. Good point on the Shortlist angle too. He can just shift up those backup options as the new noms.

    • This would have been a better twist further into the season when the amount of players was smaller… then if a double veto was used he would have to pick from his group of people – makes it a bit more exciting than him having 4 targets and making it so predictable right now.

  2. If the double veto is used, hopefully Kevin won’t be up on the block..didn’t they say he was “in” their alliance or did they just blurt it out as a result of his HOH victory but didn’t mean it? If Kevin does go up, he still has a chance to come back in the show…he has won more competitions than the first 4 evictees; this may even fuel his ambitions to actually play the game as he learned he was target numero uno a few weeks ago.

    • From things r standing right now… I think Kevin is in more danger than anyone else in this game. B/c no matter which veto is brought into the house, somebody is going to use it and he will most likely go up. I think this week’s evictee is gonna come down to either Johnny or kevin

  3. I hope that Canada doesn’t choose the double veto twist! Im pretty sure if the veto is used, Britney will go up but if they both come off, Kevin will most likely to be walking outside the house, and I don’t want that…

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