Big Brother Canada 3: Eviction Prediction Vote Week 9 [POLL]

Big Brother Canada is about to serve up two of its Houseguests to the Jury this week as we head towards a Double Eviction with the first of the nights nominees facing a three-count vote. Who will be evicted next?

Zach and Pilar face eviction on Big Brother Canada 3
Zach and Pilar face eviction on Big Brother Canada 3 – Source: Global

Despite his best efforts, Zach was unable to get Godfrey renom’d next to him and instead now faces eviction against Pilar for votes on BBCAN3. With just three votes out there this won’t be easy for Zach to pull off.

Ashleigh, Brittnee, and Godfrey are voting and they’ve got an important decision here just a week ahead of the finale.. Brittnee definitely wants Zach gone so she’s a lock to evict him. Ashleigh would seem to want Zach there since he’s a stronger ally than Pilar, but she’s also got to start thinking of her own chances at the end so maybe she’s not an obvious lock for Zach. Godfrey looks like he could be up in the air, but he’s no dummy. Breaking up the showmance of Zashleigh is way too valuable for him.

I’m saying Zach goes 2-1 or 3-0 if Ashleigh wants to appear strong and taking a stand in an obvious lost cause. What do you think will happen in the first of two evictions this week on Big Brother Canada? Vote in our poll below and share your thoughts.


  1. I don’t see Zach staying unless he manages to flip Godfrey ato vote for him to stay.

    However, Godfrey should be smart enough not to as the ladies will surely be at each others throats during the DE anyway so he’ll slide by unscathe. If he, by some miracle, wins Head of Household, I don’t see him turning his back against S/B just yet.

    • Good call. The lady duos could be set on each other and totally forget about him in the DE. As long as the primary target doesn’t win Veto and he gets renom’d as a consolation prize eviction.

  2. I never particularly liked Zach but I honestly would prefer him to stay over Pilar. He deserves it way more!

    • I have nothing against Pilar, but I actually think Zach staying really is best for Godfrey and Ashleigh. If anybody thinks Sarah/Brittnee are taking anybody other than each other to Final 2, they’re crazy. Those 2 need to be broken up, and if the Final 5 HOH can be Ashleigh/Zach/Godfrey vs Brittnee, they have a major shot at doing it.

      Plus, I just don’t want Sarah or Brittnee to win after all the times they keep getting saved because of twists and handouts.

      • I am actually a fan of both Britt and Sarah but mostly Britt seeing as she worked her butt off to stay in the game. I also don’t see twists as handouts or think any handouts were given. The triple eviction was supposed to happen when it happened and Britt won that, fair play. The vote was supposed to happen when it happened and Canada voted for Britt and Sarah, fair play. They didn’t get saved for the heck of it, all of the houseguests and fans know that BBCAN has these twists so it annoys me when it goes in the favour of a houseguest(s) that some fans don’t like they chalk it up to being a handout and say the person was undeserving when in reality it’s the complete opposite.

        No one says anything about Bruno’s double veto twist being a thing to save him or being a handout because he didn’t use it but because Britt used hers everyone wants to cry about it and not give her credit where credit is due.

        • Nobody says the double veto thing saved Bruno because he didn’t need it to get him through the week. I just get tired of people trying to act like twists = gameplay when they don’t, and trying to claim the people who obviously get saved by them are good game players when they’re clearly not. If they were, they wouldn’t have needed it to save them in the first place. It’s like saying Gary should’ve won season 1. Hell no he shouldn’t have, he got evicted, so he’s not at all better than anybody who was still around when he got voted out.

          • There were many twists yet people only complain about the vote with Britt and Sarah which is unfair to them because how is it that they’re getting so much flack for being voted a twist? It’s not like Big Brother saw that they were down and gave it to them, there was a vote. Voting by fans is fair play not a handout. The twists are part of the BBCAN game whether it turns out to be fair or unfair. They all signed up for it.

          • They signed up for Big Brother, not “Twists: the game, featuring Big Brother”. BB3, BB6, and BB10 weren’t overloaded with twists and they were good seasons because things were allowed to happen naturally. Hell, the only twist in 10 led to things going the exact same way they would’ve without it anyway, so it barely even counts.

          • BBCAN has twistos twists. BBCAN is all about the twistos twists. That is what they signed up for. BB is BB but BBCAN is different and this is how they’re setting themselves up to be different and unique. Especially with the most recent BB seasons it would be extremely boring to sit through both BB and BBCAN without the twists. That is why I applaud BBCAN for changing things up.

            Even if the twists went in the favour of the people I disliked I would still love them!

          • Big Brother without the twists is awesome, and my favourite kind of Big Brother. Needing to rely on twists shows that you have no faith at all in your cast. Too much Big Brother thinks they can half-ass it on casting and they’ll just be able to make a good season if they keep throwing twist after twist at it, which is ridiculous. That’s not Big Brother, and Big Brother 16 was twist after twist and was nothing but boring and super-predictable. Compare that to Big Brother 10, which was an awesome season.

          • Honestly, we’ll have to agree to disagree! We both have very differing views on what’s entertaining in Big Brother nowadays. I miss the good, old seasons of strategy but BB has resorted to casting young people who want to be famous, be in a showmance or act crazy with one or two older people. The only way it has been watchable (for me) is the twists.

          • To be honest, resorting to casting stuff like that, and the twists “being the saving grace” has made me stop watching a lot of Big Brother in general these days. There’s a number of seasons where I’ll just watch the beginning to see if it looks like it might be alright, only to back out and stop watching entirely when I feel disappointed.

          • I understand! With me, even if I start and don’t like the season I can’t stop watching it, aha. So, I’ve had to adjust my liking to what’s been happening.

        • Thing is, yes Brit & Sarah were given a handout considering they had that opportunity, not all the HG’s. I think it would have been better if they weren’t allies, it certainly would have been more of a challenge thus potentially different results. Game changer as I see it in Brit & Sarah’s court. Prior to this they were down & out and the strategic players were ousted through twists. So yes that was a hand up for both of them.

          • They had that opportunity because it was a vote and Canada voted for them. A handout would have been them being have-nots and getting the power without a vote. That would be a handout but no, the twist consisted of a vote and that to me is fair play. People need to realize that BBCAN is all about the twists and that they’re not given to people just because. A vote is completely fair.

            Being out through a twist doesn’t make the people still in the game less strategic or not at all strategic… The twists are a part of BBCAN and they all knew that was part of the deal.

  3. I’m pulling for Ashleigh to take it all , Sarah /Brittnee think they are sitting pretty but never know with all these twist what could happen .If Ashleigh doesn’t make it hoping Brittnee wins it …..

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