Big Brother Canada 3: Double Eviction Scenarios In Week 9

Double Eviction awaits the Houseguests this week on Big Brother Canada and while the first vote looks like a lock there are a lot of options for round 2.

Ashleigh is shocked by the returning BBCAN3 HG
Houseguests are in for a shock on BBCAN3 – Source: Global

Working with the assumption that Zach isn’t able to flip Godfrey I’m going to drop him off the final five list leaving us with Ashleigh, Brittnee, Godfrey, Pilar, and Sarah. One of those five will win $100K in just one more week, but they’ll need to survive tonight’s rapid fire eviction for a shot at that money.

Sarah is the outgoing HoH so she won’t be eligible for the accompanying safety of that win which makes her immediately vulnerable for eviction. The rest of the house will be playing and as one reader pointed out, things could be set up for a face-off between the remaining alliance couplings leaving Godfrey with a chance to skate past this round.

If Ashleigh or Pilar wins HoH then I’d look for Brittnee and Sarah to go up with Godfrey as the renom option. Sarah is likely their target as Zach pressed that idea on Ashleigh as he anticipated his own demise in the game.

A Brittnee win would most likely give us the opposite effect with Ashleigh and Pilar going up on the block and Godfrey playing renom filler as well. In that case I’d see Ashleigh as the bigger threat with her stronger win record.

I really doubt Godfrey will try to throw this HoH comp. We’re getting too close to the end for that kind of risk and with frantic decisions being made that’d be foolish. I would expect Godfrey to side with Brittnee and Sarah should he snag the power in round two on Wednesday. At least I think he might. I’m not 100%.

Who would you fear more in the final comps if you were Godfrey? Brittnee or Pilar? Exactly. Even Brittnee or Ashleigh still would have me more worried about competing against Brittnee. It’s a tough call this close to the end and there may not be a perfect answer.

The nice thing here is that we’re fairly balanced for a surprise night of events. The numbers are close enough that neither side has a landslide advantage over the other so maybe we’ll all get a shock along the way.

What do you think is most likely going to happen during the Double Eviction on Big Brother Canada 3? Share your expectations and predictions!