Big Brother Canada 3: Eviction Prediction Vote Week 7 [POLL]

In the first of three eliminations this week on Big Brother Canada 3, either Bobby Hlad or Brittnee Blair will be evicted from the BBCAN3 house. So who is it going to be?

Brittnee and Bobby on the block on BBCAN3
Brittnee and Bobby on the block on BBCAN3 – Source: Global

Things look bad for Bobby, but he hasn’t given up yet and is even still pushing on the guys to align and fight back against the girls who are building steam and could tear through the big, male targets of the house.

Brittnee’s best bet is to keep doing what she’s doing and lay low while waiting out this round. She isn’t in much danger and it’ll take a lot of changed minds for her to be in real danger.

So who do you think it will be? Vote in our poll for the first round of Wednesday’s big ol’ eviction-o-rama that could surprise a lot of Houseguests with who is left by the end of the night.


  1. Just a observation of this self-proclaimed “big move” by Kevin. I don’t think so..Bobby all season has be touted as a “beast” but hasn’t proven himself socially or physically in this game. Some say he has thrown all the comps not to draw attention..and that is moronic.. because if he made himself believe he can win when he needs to…like turning on a light switch…well you see where that got him this week. Kevin…if you are trying to capture the hearts of Canada as being the most liked player of BBC3…then go for it…but don’t make a mountain out of a mole…the only major move or game changer so far this season has been the Jordan eviction.

    • With all the respect, I have to disagree with you… The only endurance competition we had this season was won by Bobby. After is reign as HOH, he decided that he didn’t want more blood on his hand, and he lost many comps because he was throwing them ( like the one Pilar won). Even if I agree that he isn’t a good social player, he was in a pretty good spot, with many people on his side. Sadly, the group that joined them is more loyal to Brittnee. Therefor, with the 2 shomances, Willow and Sarah, they have enough vote to send him packing. But if he would’of been nominated against someone else, he would’of most likely stayed this week.

    • Think about it this way: If Bobby continues to float by towards final 3, he’s guaranteed a win for Round 1 (which is normally an endurance round).

      Plus, he’s a big meatshield for Bruno so taking Bobby out would leave Bruno vulnerable.

      I don’t think Bobby is well liked by Canada so Kevin’s doing them (and us) a favor.

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