Big Brother Canada 3: Eviction Prediction Vote Week 6 [POLL]

The final nominees for Week 6 of Big Brother Canada 3 have been set as Brittnee Blair and Sindy Nguyen face potential elimination on Wednesday night. So who will it be heading out to sit down with host Arisa Cox?

Brittnee and Sindy face elimination on Big Brother Canada
Brittnee and Sindy face elimination on Big Brother Canada – Source: Global

Brittnee went up on the block when Godfrey secured the Power of Veto for his own safety. Now she’ll face off when Sindy for votes to stay in the game and things look set for the next eviction.

Sindy was the target before the Veto came in to play and she remains the target now. Despite her best efforts to rally support and keep herself in the BBCAN3 house Sindy can’t find support with an S to make that happen.

Brittnee is a much more neutral player at this point than Sindy which is kinda surprising considering how well Brittnee handled her week as Head of Household. Lucky for her these HGs have a short memory and are more worried about Sindy and her potential for trouble.

Do you think Sindy can pull off the underdog victory in the votes or is she ready to head back out the front door again?


    • Me too. I really like Brittnee and she was great when she was HOH but that was it, she hasn’t done anything since. Sindy would shack things up and I can’t wait to see her in action 🙂

      • If Sindy does go…I honestly hope Britt wins HOH and tears down Zach….I’m tired of all the big guys getting rid of the people who are actually playing the game..Shame that we only got to see one week of Sindy at her best 🙁

  1. Does’nt look like Sindy can get herself out of this one. She is definitely a good player and a lot of the big players know that..left in the house she isn’t going to coast.

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