Big Brother Canada 2 Spoilers: Week 5 Nominations & Veto Comp Results

Power of Veto on Big Brother Canada

After the Live Feeds returned from Big Brother Canada giving the shaft to their die-hard Feedster fans we confirmed who had been nominated by Canada and won the Power of Veto competition earlier in the weekend.

Read on for the latest Veto spoilers in the Big Brother Canada house and how that could impact Canada’s vote for this week’s nominations.

This week’s nominations are Andrew and Sabrina. So not shocking at all. Hopefully BBCAN thinks that was worth blocking Feeds for two days. Hint: it wasn’t.

From HouseGuests discussions we learned that Jon won the Power of Veto giving them the option to nullify one of the noms.

Kenny talking to Arlie revealed that Jon told Sabrina he would use the Veto he won to rescue her from the block.

The PoV Ceremony will be held early on Monday and we’ll learn more there and we’ll have to see how the renom is handled which should be coming from viewers’ votes as well. Our poll put Kenny in third place which would send him to the block if the Veto was used and our results match the official voting.

The renom doesn’t sound critical right now though as HGs sound bent on evicting Andrew. Not a bad choice.

If both Andrew and Kenny were on the block, which one would you want to vote out?


  1. Andrew plays the game well, no one is perfect . It’s just a game. I think weakest players that do nothing should go home first. But it’s a game isn’t it . We want to get rid of who we fear the most. I guess canada and the HG fear Andrew the most

    • Andrew is playing the game well, but you have to be liked also. Canada wants him out because he’s a jerk, period

    • It’s not about fear darling! It’s who is paying this game well and watching how Andrew likes to pressure and boss people around and being a bully, Canadians won’t tolerate that, period.

  2. If Andrew was playing the game well he wouldn’t be on the block right now. There are cameras 24/7 and part of BB is being liked by the viewers, the fact that he knew he was going up goes to show he knew he was being a jerk, aha. I’ll be glad to see him go!

    And Jon using the veto on Sabrina (though I don’t think he will) might be good. Kenny would most likely go up and they could vote out the most athletic, strategic and like-able house guest.

  3. Sabrina has been slandering Adel all over the house. I don’t understand her hatred for him or why she wants him out so badly as he’s not a threat. She has a personal vendetta against him that she can’t seem to let go of! She also still doesn’t understand why she’s on the block. Hilarious!

    • she is such an over-rated player all she can do is cook and clean and that is not a game player …she should knock it off with Adel he is quiet but real i like him

      • Extremely! All she was was a rat, going from her alliance to the girls’ alliance to get information. I like Adel too, I just hope he starts to play the game more!

  4. Kenny- Andrew is enough of a hot head that he’ll make more mistakes in the game, making him an easier boot later on.

  5. Can I just how ecstatic that Andrew and Sabrina have gotten their comeuppance. >:D Canada finally brought the two baddies to their knees! >:) They are both genuinely horrible people in the house and if they are the same way on the outside of the house, they are all-around bad people. Glad they are now at the Canada house’s mercy. It’s been a long time coming and Ika’s got the last laugh (damn, I miss her like hell). Kenny’s is NOT AT ALL better than Sabrina and/or Andrew, but I have faith he’ll get his demise coming to him in the near future.

    • i miss Ika she was so true ..Sabrina is a witch kenny and andrew THINK they r in control until canada stepped in love it

      • Ika was useless at this game , she had a failed approach. On the other hand, Sab is playing hard, just to arrogantly hard. She has made herself stand out as a target .

    • Why would you think Ika would get the last laugh… she’s is now OUT OF THE GAME COMPLETELY . I am glad she is gone.

  6. they are both annoying bet for game …andrew is the bigger threat he should go …i cannot stand sabrina what a bitc-

  7. I don’t think that Jon should use the power of Veto on anyone and let Sabrina sweat a little as she should. “the little cry baby B—H” it’s time for her to feel the pressure of the block. She thinks she has so much power WRONG not many of the house guests like her.

  8. I would love to see Arlie, adel Jon and Neda as final 4. They playing a game with a light heart without being bossy or controlling or bulling any one in the house. Keep the playfull spirit up guys!!

  9. I’m watching bbc 2 after dark. And u know what I like all of them. I see they r just trying to play the best they can. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and that’s what makes the world. A beautiful rainbow. U guys are all beautiful including Andrew Suberina Alison and heather and rachelle.

  10. Hey guys anyone happened to know whatever happened to justin and Dana of bb 4???
    They had a shomance and I loved them specially justin. That’s how people should play the game. I just can’t get him off my mind.

  11. The more I watch bbc the more I think the other side of the house people (Sabrina Kenny Sarah Rachel Andrew ) they think they are better than other human beings.
    They are pathetic.

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