Why Anthony Douglas Deserves To Win Big Brother Canada 12

Big Brother Canada 12-Anthony
We already discussed why Bayleigh and Lexus deserve to win Big Brother Canada 12, it’s time to talk about Anthony Douglas and his game. The season revolved around him and Victoria. They controlled the house. Victoria did it by creating a cult around her. Anthony did it by making the house fear going against him. The other houseguests knew it was a game death sentence if they spoke of targeting Anthony. Though we didn’t see it that much due to the limits of the Digitial Dailies, Anthony also had a good social game. 

The houseguests didn’t just fear him but liked him as well. They wanted to play Big Brother Canada 12 with Anthony. While Victoria strengthened her bond with the Big Sisters (minus Lexus), Anthony formed a bond with Tola, Matt, and Lexus. He also pulled in Vivek and Elijah as disposable pawn pieces. He even manipulated Vivek into completely turning against his closest ally, Dinis. This was a very impressive move.

He also manipulated Victoria a couple of times in the Big Brother Canada house. She chose to target and evict Donna, but eliminating her helped Anthony more than it helped Victoria. Additionally, Anthony used small pieces of information and lies to turn Victoria and Avery completely against Kayla. In my opinion, this is the biggest move of the season. Kayla, Victoria, and Avery were all set to win Big Brother Canada 12. They were playing the best games. Once Victoria and Avery turned on Kayla, it set them all up to fall.

Loyalty didn’t exist in the game anymore. Therefore, more players felt comfortable turning on each other. This may have helped Anthony turn Bayleigh against Victoria. She could see how easily Victoria could betray people and was more inclined to trust Anthony’s information on Victoria’s game. Anthony’s first major move was getting Donna out of the house because it showed the players that if you turned against him, you go out the door next. People didn’t realize that Victoria and Anthony were so closely aligned. Therefore, it seemed like Anthony controlled this move when it was more of Victoria’s decision but it benefitted him. Dinis’s eviction really set the tone for targeting Anthony and going out of the game.

Big Brother Canada 12-Anthony

Anthony became like the kingpin of Big Brother Canada 12. However, he had a chaotic partner in Victoria. Unlike the Pretty Boys, she isn’t someone who follows orders. She also knew to not let Anthony have the bigger game advantages. Therefore, she slowly chipped away at his game options and slandered his name to others.  She removed his first piece by evicting Vivek. Then she took out Matt and finally Tola. Eventually, she had a few more game pieces than Anthony. However, he observed her enough to know how to manipulate her.

This led to Kayla’s eviction. Anthony also wisely understood Victoria could be his downfall. However, not in the way he suspected. He thought she would win the votes against him in the end, which is highly likely, but she may get the last laugh by turning the jury fully against him. Anthony sent Victoria out of the game mad and bitter. Even though she has had some days to process her eviction, she still seems pretty upset. Victoria’s jury segments have shown a woman scorned and ready to ensure Anthony doesn’t win Big Brother Canada 12. This betrayal has made her so anti-Anthony that she could even vote for Lexus to win over him.  Victoria has always influenced Kayla and Avery’s decisions.

This means that this trio will likely vote together. Elijah also will likely follow whatever Kayla does with her vote. Therefore, Victoria could control four out of the seven final votes. She can and probably will break or make Anthony’s Big Brother Canada 12 game.

Before entering the BBCAN house again, Anthony seemed to have decided not to play as loyal as he did in Big Brother Canada 7. He must believe that loyalty cost him that game. However, that was never the reason why he lost. He stayed loyal to the Pretty Boys, and Dane especially, but his lack of jury management and faking loyalty to others all contributed to his loss in BBCAN7. 

Big Brother Canada 12-Anthony Douglas

Anthony may have history repeat itself. Tola and Victoria all feel burnt by what they perceive as his lack of loyalty. He also promised loyalty to Bayleigh but she seems wise enough to know it’s only to keep himself safe. He would cut her to take Lexus to the end. She would do the same. Many have theorized that Anthony may become the Canadian Paul Abrahamian.

Paul is a Big Brother US player who made it to the end in two seasons back to back However, he angered the jury enough both times that whoever sat next to him was a guaranteed winner. If somehow Bayleigh sits next to Anthony in the final two, she wins. If it’s Lexus, Anthony may win or the jury may be bitter enough to vote for Lexus as the winner.

This is not to say that Lexus doesn’t deserve to win Big Brother Canada 12, because she does, but the jury seems to view her game negatively. Victoria has especially trashed Lexus’s game most of the season. Therefore, if they decide to crown her the winner, it would be more to spite Anthony and not to reward Lexus for a great game. 

Like Paul, if Anthony manages to make it to the final two and loses twice, he only has himself to blame. His jury management needs work, especially with a player as chaotic and vindictive as Victoria. It was once said that the jury votes for players they like. Therefore, if you don’t make them feel good about crowning you the winner, you can only blame yourself.

Big Brother Canada 12-Victoria and Anthony

Anthony played a dominant Big Brother Canada 12 game. No one can deny that he played hard and did everything he could to win. He is a great Big Brother player, but is he a winner? 

We’ll find out the answer to this question during tonight’s Big Brother Canada 12 finale.

What did you think of Anthony’s Big Brother Canada 12  game?

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