Tonight On Big Brother Canada 5: Week 5 Nominations

We’re back with a new episode of Big Brother Canada 5 tonight as the show picks back up after William won the latest HoH competition and is searching for his big target.

Big Brother Canada 5 Space Odyssey

With a Newbie in power here comes another chance to target the Vets and continue the streak of sending out a forth straight Vet. Think William will take the shot?

If you can’t wait until tonight’s show then check out our spoilers for who was put on the Block and even beyond that with what’s going on with the Veto. On Sunday night there was some talk about shaking up the plans of the majority with a surprise move, but I’ll believe it when they pull it off.

We’re roughly halfway through the season at this point of Big Brother Canada and that’s one very full house despite four evictions already. Time to speed things up and that’ll start happening with this week’s Double Eviction. Good times ahead.

Join us back here tonight at 9PM ET and we’ll chat about the show as it plays out. See you then!

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