Tonight On Big Brother Canada 5: Eviction & Next HoH

Get ready for the next eviction tonight on Big Brother Canada 5 with Neda’s control of the week ends but her safety continues after another Houseguest is evicted and shot out in to space sans spacesuit. Now that’d be dramatic, huh?

Big Brother Canada 5 Space Odyssey

We’re coming up on 11 votes tonight on BBCAN5 so no chance of a tiebreaker, but there’s no chance it’ll come to that. No reasonable chance at least with this house already set on their target while that target continues to ignore the repeat assurances of her pending departure.

Cassandra has yet to give up and that’s awesome of her, but sadly this will be her time to go. Sure, she’s even messier of a player this season but I think she’s fun and will be sorry she didn’t at least stick around longer. All the same, Jackie will be safe and Cassandra will be gone.

Gary has tried to warn Cassandra, but she isn’t taking the hint at all. He’s spelled it out for her that she has one vote: his. Cassandra thinks she’s got a lot more than that, but she doesn’t. The French Connection is saying goodbye to her and Ika will stand by Neda, a good choice for her long term game here. At best Cassandra will go 10-1 as of overnight talks on the Big Brother Feeds.

What do you think the house should do tonight? Vote out Cassandra or Jackie? Should the other Vets worry about giving the Newbies a numbers advantage or with Demetres securely in Ika’s lap are they going to be okay?

BBCAN5 is tonight on Global at 8/7c. Find out how to watch online from the US.