Tonight On Big Brother Canada 4: Nominations In Week 5

Tonight on Big Brother Canada the Head of Household competition plays out following Thursday’s Double Eviction that sent Loveita and Kelsey to the “Secret Suite” unbeknownst to their fellow HGs.

Big Brother Canada 4 on Global
Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

By the time the Feeds returned after last week’s show the evicted HGs were squirreled away and the House had a new HoH that promised a very interesting week. So far that hasn’t disappointed.

During tonight’s show we’ll get that HoH comp plus nominations and the peculiar way they were decided. It’ll be a busy show but if you’re out enjoying your Easter weekend and miss the fun then Global will have the episode up tomorrow.

Can’t wait? We’ve got your noms and PoV spoilers here to get you caught up on the Live Feeds.

Join us back here tonight at 7PM ET for a live chat about the show and we’ll enjoy it together. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for even more Big Brother Canada coverage.


    • Ya after tonight he’s gotta go…. But he is another number for the Jared side, right? Or am I watching a completely different show? Hahahahaha! It’s ok to hit me with the truth…. Like I said it’s hard to focus on the show sometimes….

      On another note; I’m watching BBAD & I just looked up to see Joel hanging onto his sack streaking thru the upper sitting area where HGs are playing a game of some sort…… This is where I re-wind! Gotta see this!! Lol ttyl

      I’ll try to find you on survivor. ??

  1. Last night on feeds, There are HG’s that are already talking about how smart of a gamer is slowly he’s being exposed.

      • My husband plays poker online. Sometimes against Kevin. He’s such a nice guy! You can watch him twitch I think it’s called. Sometimes Pilar will be there. They are super sweet together! And yes still together. She is the exact same way as she is in the house, super sweet and quiet.

      • Cass and the brothers talked about it and more so in the secret rm with Kel/Lov. Cass compared his game to Derrik.

      • It’s not funny at all in my opinion. Well that’s it for me, they are going to let him just change the rules of the game? I’ve had enough of BBC 4

        • I didn’t see tonight’s episode yet however how did he change the rules? What did he do? What rule did he break?

          • It’s just how he did the nominations. Instead of making the choice, he ask everybody to vote on who they wanted on the block.

          • yeah but that’s not breaking any rules. It’s just his way of trying to not get blood on his hands although he’s stupid to think of the house wouldn’t see right through it. He’s just lucky two people from the same alliance are up and were up. And I can’t believe Maddie gave votes to Dallas! Not surprised we although she did go against him and took out Loveita but I thought they would still remain in an alliance. I guess Dallas shot himself in the foot by getting so mad at her. But I do completely understand worries coming from. What she did was very strange LOL I think she wants to be the last woman standing.

  2. The HG’s might realize how good Mitch’s game is, but most of them have bigger targets on their minds, so he’s in a great position.

    • Only until one of the girls come back from the secret room. Lovita let Kelsey know that Mitch was working with her & Joel & had a final 3. (Am I right on that she said final 3 as well? Or just about alliance?) hmmmmm??

      • I haven’t heard any conversations in the war room yet. I get all my info from here and sometimes on big brother after dark and of course the episodes so I did not know that! From a players standpoint I do think it’s unfair about the fake double evection and Kelsey plus Lovita swapping stories because they have nothing to lose whether they go in the house or not. I don’t mind that someone else is going back in the house because it can be expected as we have seen it on many other big brothers but again as a player if I was in the game it would be kind of a piss off the way it went down. Especially for people like Mitch who has been playing a very good game thus far!!
        so if Kelsey gets back in the house (which I hope she does! But I don’t think we know how she will yet right?) Kelsey could either work with Mitch or tell everybody everything. I mean not everyone because she’s going to keep secrets for sure that she learned from Loveita but it will blow up Mitch’s game and that’s the part I don’t think is fair. For entertainment purposes, it’s great though 🙂

        • Ya I agree! The person going back in may benefit from not sharing the ‘tell all’ info. They’d just be a target again if the wrong player heard wind of that…. Don’t you think?

          • I agree! Although unless they are allowed to say they were sequestered alone, the houseguests are gonna know they shared info. Locked away for an entire week one on one, two women with nothing better to do and nothing to lose by sharing the info!? Although Kelsey I can only assume is holding back info if it will hurt Jared or rol two women with nothing better to do and nothing to lose by sharing the info!? Although Kelsey I can only assume is holding back info if it will hurt Jared or Raul….. she won’t want to potentially ruin their game but I’m sure Loveita is spelling everything. Plus you can tell she is insecure around Kelsey therefore she will probably tell her absolutely everything even if it will harm some of her ‘friends’ (did she really even have any? LOL) in the house. I think Kelsey smarter than that! Loveita not so much!
            all the info Kelsey is learning about Mitch is pretty shitty for him though, completely blows up his game if she goes back in the house unless she corners him and says “I know everything! Work with me” LOL that is going to be his only hope! Which is too bad because I do like Mitch & I think he had/has the potential to go far so from a player standpoint it will suck for him if Kelsey gets back in the house, especially if she chooses not to work with him. I’m not sure how close they were prior to her leaving. make sense?

      • Although this is from 2 days ago and I did comment, I somehow just got this comment on my screen. Okay that makes no sense but whatever LOL when I read “Viewers” comment (the screen name they chose) was going to reply exactly what you already did LOL so “Ditto” Great Minds think alike

  3. See on Wednesday PEEPS. Hope you had a great Easter day.

    Anybody on Facebook, drop by Stephen King page and check his easter rabbit. OMG

  4. Do ‘we’ know how Loveta or Kelsey are getting back in the house yet??? It’s driving me crazy LOL is it going to be a competition? Viewers choice? I want to know now LOL and it has to be Kelsey that goes back into the house!!! i’m not interested in watching Loveita sit in the HOH room with her stupid hats because she didn’t take the time to get her extensions fixed or taken out prior to going in the house! Every girl knows that would be one of the first things you do LOL
    but anyway LOL how are they getting back in the house????? And did the veto ceremony happen yet? Did Tim put up Maddie? At the very least is that still the plan? I hope so! And Dallas can go home and when hopefully Kelsey comes back in the house Maddie’s reaction will be priceless. I mean she’s pretty good at having a bitchy resting face and not showing much emotion but we all know deep down she’s going to be steaming! Not only is she going to lose the chance of hooking up with Jared hoop reaction will be priceless. I mean she’s pretty good at having a bitchy resting face and not showing much emotion but we all know deep down she’s going to be steaming! Not only is she going to lose that chance of hooking up with Jared oops I totally meant working with Jared! No I didn’t LOL but also Kelsey took her duck!!!!!! LMAO it would be priceless Dallas going home and Kelsey coming back! In my perfect world anyway

  5. yeah blah blah blah me and my rambling LOL ???
    I really appreciate the feedback! ????
    I just want to know if Maddy is on the block now?? And if we know how Loveita or Kelsey (PLEASE BE KELSEY!!!!!) are getting back in the house next week??? Competition?? Viewer votes???
    if it is viewer votes what do you all think, Kelsey or Loveita? Who would you pick to go back in the house? Who do you think Canada would vote back in the house? If it is a competition and it’s physical, who do you think would win? If it’s mental who do you think would win? My answer is Kelsey for all the above!
    I was not a fan of hers at the beginning, actually I’m still not a very big fan of hers but for entertainment purposes I do believe she will be more entertaining (at least better then Loveita??)
    I would love to hear your opinions because I am clueless LOL
    I get my spoilers from here or big Brother After Dark which I don’t watch many episodes of those because they are brutally boring for the most part however, I have found close captioning helps a little bit because instead of listening to whispering you can sometimes read what they are saying. So, I get most of my info from you guys so hook me up LOL what is going on?? I don’t even know Dallas’s reaction when nominated, was he surprised? What about the veto? I can only assume he played very hard for it, was he super pissed when he lost? Did he go walk around and get super verbal and scratch his balls a bunch of times? ?☹️????????????
    I know blah blah blah hee hee thank you to those of you who read my rambles and reply! I truly appreciate it 🙂 thankfully for me I have talk to type. (many autoCorrect’s when there shouldn’t be and I miss them though!) Hence my novels, everything come spilling out what I’m thinking.
    YOU R ALL the best! ???????????????????????

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