Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results

The Power of Veto competition is over for this week of Big Brother Canada 4 and spoilers reveal who has won the PoV with the chance to change up the noms.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Global

After waiting over four rounds to see the Veto used it was finally put in to play during last week’s Fake Double Eviction. Will it happen again this time?

You bet it will! Ramsey won the Power of Veto in this week’s comp that sounds to have been physical.

As one of the nominees, alongside Dallas, you know Ramsey won’t hesitate to save himself and get off the Block during Monday’s meeting. When that happens Tim will have to name a renom.

Tim had toyed with letting the Veto winner name the replacement but since decided to not extend that offer. He’s probably glad. Now we are likely to see Maddy go up, but with Tim you never know what we’ll get.

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      • I don’t think it really matters much as it seems to me that the majority house wants Dallas gone. But I like the idea of putting Joel up….. Maddie will be easier to get rid of later?!

    • yeah I agree. He’s super funny and plays dumb but he is really smart and is playing a good game. I think he has the potential to win however I don’t think he will only because I think people will catch on to him because he is definitely playing both sides of the house and giving advice but advice that serves him and he’s bound to get caught. Same can be said for a Mitch but I can see him flying under the radar longer and I would be very very surprised if he didn’t make at the very least final three.

    • is there any talk on Veto? do you think he will put up Maddie? I do, and I hope you does!
      and have you heard anything about Kelsey and L? How one of them will get back in the house? Competition? Viewer votes?
      it’s driving me crazy! Big brother needs to let us know what’s going on LOL it’s just not fair ha ha Ha we shouldn’t be in the dark!

    • they announced next thursday is a 90 minute show… so probably a comp to get back in on thursday

      • Maybe a vote from the HGs. That’s would be funny.

        “Hey, HGs, remember last week you kick Kelsey and Loveita out of the house, well, guess what, you have to vote one back in.”

  1. Tim wants to get Dallas out this week. Dallas is an aggressive player and very competitive. The guy can win comps. For his game, it’s a good move.

  2. Maddie was the next in line correct? So, hopefully that’s what he does! And Dallas goes home! Yay yay yay mind you I would be happy to see Maddie go also but Dallas more!!
    Maddie CLEARLY kept Jared during the fake nomination and evection’s because Kelsey’s gone and now she hopes to jump all over Jared mentally and physically ha ha…….
    there is currently zero doubt in my mind that if Dallas and Maddie are both on the block, Dallas goes home! Maddie didn’t listen to Dallas and put up Loveita pissing Dallas off so, it’s clear she’s willing to work with anyone and for right now I am assuming she’s all over Jared???
    please enlighten me LOL I haven’t seen what’s going on or heard anything since Thursday nights eviction of Kelsey and love. Is Maddie all over Jared? Or is she still playing with Dallas???? has anything else changed?

  3. & I would (for entertainment purposes) LOVE TO SEE Maddy’s Face when hopefully Kelsey walks in the door!! Not only will she lose Jared hahab but also he hate for Kelsey so far this season is unwarranted. Plus Kelsey took her duck LOL so in a perfect world Kelsey comes back and Dallas is gone and Maddie is slap in the face, not physically LOL
    Do ‘we’ know how Kelsey or Loveta will be getting back in the house???

  4. Just watched the feeds tonight. Tim is blowing up condoms for Mitch birthday. lol His social game is amazing, while playing mind games with the HG’s.

  5. I think Arisa said there would be a competition next week and the winner goes back into the house; if viewers were voting there would be something online about it.
    As for the renom, is Maddy the replacement b/c she was the HG with the third highest number of points ( I think it was her) or do they go through the whole thing all over again?

  6. Expect the unexpected, yes but the HoH also makes the statement “one of MY DUTIES as HoH is to nominate 2 people for eviction”. It is the HoH’s duty, not the houseguests. This sucks that BBC allowed him to pass on his responsibility to the house.

  7. Maddy has turned this game around. It’s really boring now since lovita left the house.
    Maddy is not a smart player. She doesn’t care if she wins and she doesn’t care about other people in her alliance.
    She must leave next week I hope.
    I hope Joel or Ramzie wins this bbcan.

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