The Big Brother Canada 10 Episodes Schedule (Dates, Times, Upcoming Air Date Changes, and The Finale Date)

Big Brother Canada 10 plans to take over your spring completely. While everyone else enjoys the nice weather, you’ll enjoy all the mayhem, scheming, house meetings, and hopefully plenty of drama that comes with the new group of houseguests. When Global TV and Big Brother Canada announced the official March 2nd release date, they also gave us some very vital information about BBCAN10, including the upcoming schedule. 

Before the Big Brother Canada 10 premiere, let’s break down the upcoming schedule. According to an official BBCAN10 press release, the show airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from March 2nd to May 5th. This news also reveals that the Big Brother Canada 2022 finale is on May 5th, as many expected and similar to the BBCAN9 finale date.

On March 2nd, the BBCAN10 premiere airs at 8:00 pm EST, but starting March 9th, it airs at 7:00 pm EST every Wednesday until May 4th. On Thursdays, BBCAN10 airs at 8:00 pm EST from March 3 until May 5th. For the Monday episodes, for the first two weeks, the March 7 and March 14 episodes air at 8:00 pm EST. However, from March 21 to May 2nd, it’ll air at 7:00 pm EST.

Hopefully, this breakdown of the Big Brother Canada 10 schedule makes things a little easier to follow, but if you miss an episode, no worries because we’ll be posting recaps all season and giving you warnings about thirty minutes before the episode airs.

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