Ramsey Aburaneh Leaves Big Brother Canada 4 Due To Family Emergency – Update

Big Brother Canada has announced that Ramsey Aburaneh has officially left the BBCAN4 after a family emergency required him to make a difficult choice between his family and the game.

Ramsey Aburaneh on Big Brother Canada 4
Ramsey Aburaneh on Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

Thin details were caught yesterday on the Feeds that led us know Ramsey would be leaving the house on Sunday at 7AM along with discussions of whether or not he would return. Now we know for certain that he will not and what was the cause.

Feeds were down for more than ten hours today likely as part of the ongoing situation but now they’re back as the Houseguests try to determine how the game will be handled this week especially with his role in its events.

BBCAN made this announcement on Facebook:

Yesterday Ramsey received news that his father is ill and requires surgery. In light of this situation Ramsey has decided to leave the Big Brother Canada house and be with his family during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ramsey and his family and we wish Mr. Aburaneh a quick recovery.

That was likely a very hard and very easy choice at the same time as I think most would want to be with their family at a time like that, but also hard to walk away from this opportunity.

While he won’t be back this season, maybe we’ll see Ramsey again another year.

Update: News today (4/20) is that Ramsey’s father had a successful surgery and is doing well. That’s great news.


  1. With this turn of events. one of 3 situations might occur: since Ramsey would of used the Veto on himself anyway, the brother might just name the replacement nominee right on the spot at the “Veto Meeting”, or they will reset the week and replay the entire week, or they cancel the week, and they’ll reset it on Thursday as if Ramsey was voted out of the game. I’m leaning more towards them either letting the brothers name the replacement nominee or resetting the game on Thursday, since it wouldn’t be fair for them to reset the game midweek.

    • But with Ramsay leaving, they will be short one jury member so I think the only solution is after this week, the brothers team will be split and they will have to play as individual players so there will be enough jury members to vote for a winner!

      • damn!. You are right that might actually happen now.
        Maybe some weak (because BB wants them to split anyways, Probably just lame punishments of some type) comp that the bros have to complete before they break up.

  2. I don’t think quitting for any reason is warranted. 10s of 1000s of people would love to have his spot so when someone quits its like throwing away people’s dreams. It was not a bad decision just not one I would have made

    • Kidding me? This can’t be something serious enough where he could never see his father again! Family is way way way more important than money! Yes tens of thousands of people want to be in this game but, I’m sure 99% of those people completely understand! Wow!

      • I have to say that I agree with imperial survivor. I wouldn’t throw away this opportunity, but, then again, I don’t actually care about my family as I do not speak to a single member… so I guess I’m not adding much relevance to the conversation as I cannot relate, but whatever. I just wanted to get my opinion out there! :)))

        • Thanks for being on my side lol. I have a good relationship with my family but they would want me to finish out my dream. They would not want me to leave the game because they would know how much I love these shows.

          • I don’t think this is about sides, simply personal opinions is all. I don’t need anyone to be on my side to share my feelings as you share yours. I think “Spunky Nuggets” opinion is quite different because she or he does not talk to their family members. Again, like I said on my earlier post and you said also, we are all entitled to our own opinions. I don’t need people on my side to still have my own opinion.

    • & so I’m just really curious what your thought process here. If you were on Big Brother and you were told your mom or dad or siblings were in a car accident and might not live or your Dad or Mom had a heart attack and needs surgery and might not survive, you would stay in the game because you’re “not a quitter?”

      What about if you were told one of your family members fell ill and might not make it, would you stay in the house still? Again, because you are “not a quitter???” Because money is more important???

      Oh &
      And because “so many other people wanted to be in the house?”

      • I would not quit because finishing out these games by either fighting till the end and getting outed or winning is my life long goal. Im not throwing away my dream for any reason at all. Its not about the money its about the pride, joy, and going for the title. Once you quit you are banished from ever returning.

          • Honestly, you simply sound heartless and selfish… But that’s fine as long you’re happy with it^^

          • well I don’t like to use the term HERO lightly but in your case…hahahahahahahahaha

        • Says who? Who says he can’t come back for a fan favorite show or All-Star show?? This probably is not a once-in-a-lifetime for Ramsey but even if it is, I can 100% guarantee you he will have zero regrets! My dad passed away when I was 10 years old and I dealt with it anyways I wouldn’t have dealt with it if I had been older. And I live with regret even though I was only 10 years old! You don’t know that regret until you live it!

    • Well did Ramsey know it was gonna happen? No
      He wanted to be with his dad after hearing he got sick, and to me I feel like it makes sense.

      Same thing happened to Jenna and Terry when their loved ones got sick- they had to leave because they need to be with their loved ones.

      So don’t act like you know better.

      • Im not saying I know better. Im just saying that nothing could ever happen that would get me to quit survivor, big brother or the race. Not even a family emergency could bring me to the point of quitting and throwing away my dream.

          • no, no I would not because I would never be able to forgive my self for leaving.

          • and i’m betting your family would never forgive you for not choosing them over some stupid tv show

          • Honestly, I’m with imperial Survivor here except I don’t blame Ramsey for leaving. If it was me though, I would not leave. As harsh as it may sound, if a family member passes away… there is nothing I can do about it. Sure, I can go home and be with my family but they’ll still be there when the show is over but my chances at the prize won’t be the second I leave. Since family is supposed to love unconditionally, they’d understand.

          • But what if you had the chance to get there on time to say goodbye to your loved one? Would that make a difference? Or say it was your mom or your dad or your brother or sister, would that make a difference? If they had passed away and you didn’t get there on time but to at least be there with your immediate family giving them the support they need…??
            Trust me, some people have left Survivor for stupid reasons! Giving up! But in cases like this, family and love and support conquer Fame and Fortune. Of course in my opinion with all due respect!

          • I like the way you put that tinalee. It does add a different perspective to the situation. In all honesty though, I still don’t think I would leave. My mom would never let me hear the end of it if I did and if it was her that was going to pass; she’d tell my family not to mention a single thing until the show was over. She’d watch me on TV or live feeds right until the very end and still be proud of me no matter what place I come in. That thought alone would allow me to finish the show/competition.

            With the situation happening to someone else though, I would respect and understand any choice they choose. I would not think differently or less of anyone that decides to choose or stay. Even with what I would do; it’s not unprecedented. There are people whose families have waited until the show was over to tell the contestant that someone in the family passed away.

          • Yes I guess people just see it differently. I was 10 years old when my dad passed away and at the time I didn’t fully understand it nor did I really get the concept of grieving until later in life. And because of that I have regrets! Even though I was so young. So to hear someone say if they had the opportunity to say goodbye to their mom or dad but chose the game instead just really hits home!
            I guess it just really depends on the person, the family Dynamics, the severity and what not! Ramsey choosing to go be with his father whether or not he is dying or is having a major surgery & may or may not recover from it ….. I respect that he chose to leave! We don’t know the full story & if he chose not to go thinking his father was going to be okay and his father passed away, I know the pain and regret he would live with for the rest of his life!
            Yes this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but it’s just a reality TV show! 15 minutes of fame! Yes it is $100,000 but I can’t put money on the love I have for my family!
            Hopefully his father will be ok! My thoughts and prayers are with Ramsey and his family. I know what it’s like!
            & hopefully if Big Brother Canada does a fan favorite season or All Star season, hopefully Ramsey will be invited back!
            So this probably isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity Ramsey!

          • Forget about the respect Tinalee – clearly this one has none or they’d respect their family & if someone passed go be with them for support. If they were still alive pending life-threatening surgery being there for the patient & the rest of the family. That’s plain selfishness. But then again, it takes all kinds….of kinds!

          • Monica did not have that chance when her cousin went missing after the 9/11 attacks in New York while she was in Los Angeles competing on Big Brother USA 2.

          • Someone passing away, absolutely there’s nothing you can do about it, but if a family member is having dangerous surgery and the family wants you there, no amount of money would have been worth missing out possibly having to say goodbye to family.

          • Exactly! Can’t forgive yourself for leaving a stupid reality show but could you forgive yourself for potentially missing a chance to say goodbye to a loved one or heaven forbid you didn’t make it there on time, to be with your family at the very least during the worst time of their lives! To each his own I guess! It’s a shame some people choose fame and money over family!

          • Well you are entitled to your own opinion but could you ever forgive yourself for not maybe having the chance to say goodbye to a loved one? Or if heaven forbid you didn’t get the chance to get there on time at least be there for your family? And pay your respects at the funeral? To each his own I guess!

          • If it’s a matter of life or death involving an immediate family member, there’s really no other option for you but to leave the game to attend such urgency.

            Granted, there have been situations where housemates never necessarily leave. But in such occurences, it still falls on the decision of the housemate in question whether to stay or leave.

            In the case of Ramsey’s situation, his father’s life is hanging on the line. Instead of being selfish, he did the most selfless thing to do by leaving Big Brother so he could be on his dad’s side when he is needed the most.

            You could argue that Frankie and Derrick did the complete opposite when their respective gransfathers died during their season. Their situations differs from Ramseys. It differs to that of Evel Dick who voluntarily left the game after receiving news of his health diagnosis in BB13. Or when Neil had to leave for personal reasons in BB9. It also differs from that Monica, who opted to stay after learning about her cousin being missing during the terrorist attacks in her hometown.

            But one thing for sure, if you’re only just thinking about the game and only the game and nothing else, you might as well consider yourself heartless.

            Many players apply for Big Brother to win the money for not just themselves but also for their families. But when given the choice when faced with a situation where family needs you the most, no doubt one will choose the most obvious choice.

        • Terry had to leave Survivor last season because his son almost died of a heart attacl and was about to undergo surgery at the time he was in Cambodia.

          There is no other reason for him to remain there.

          • Exactly! He had to make a choice and he made the right one regardless that (thankfully) his son survived! There would be no questions!! I would be like get me the first freaking plane out of here now!

        • Ummmm ATTENTION Big Brother, Survivor & Amazing Race PRODUCERS….. Do not EVER cast this dude or dudet cuz they are selfish, ruthless & twisted in their opinions! And THAT’S my opinion!
          Losing a family member & not being able to say goodbye…. Is better than losing a ‘dream?’
          You want to keep your PRIDE? Well very very few would respect that decision. And seriously someone like you would probably never win so why would you waste a relationship with your family over a GAME!! A GAME??!!!
          I bet you’re a sore loser too!
          Yes, not nice things to hear but something tells me you’re used to hearing things like this…. Wow! It certainly takes all kinds!

    • Well that’s your opinion, but in my opinion I would only leave depending on the situation. If its a death (god forbid) than I would obviously leave the game. But if they are in the hospital and they will recover than I am staying. It also depends on the family member, as heartless as it may sound, for some of my family members I wouldn’t leave the game for because we aren’t that close.

  3. My thoughts go out to him and his family. I sincerely hope his dad is alright and that everything works out for them.

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with Ramsay & his family!!
    I have read some awful things about Ramsey quitting! ( although only a few negative comments!)
    He’s NOT quitting, he’s going to be with his father who is clearly very very ill! Family is way way way way more important than money!
    SMH….. at the small percentage of negative people!
    PS. I still hope Maddie goes home!

    • Hahahaha! P.S…… Maddie! You’re funny!
      I hope she goes too, but if Tim goes i’ll be equally as happy. In fact, maybe happier cuz Maddie will have no one in the house & she’ll sink very fast without Ramsey’s support.
      Oooohhhh! And why is that? Cuz Ramsey decided he needed to support his REAL FAMILY not some reality show family! He knows limits!!
      That’s my rant for the night…..but goodness why would anyone continue the game? You probably wouldn’t win….. Lololol ok maybe you would but for only $100,000k….. Some people. Are you sure you’re Canadian imperial survivor & J_95?

  5. Just occur to me, if the feeds were down for 10 hours, maybe it is possible that the veto ceremony was done before Ramsay left.

  6. Sad to see Ramsey go as I thought he was finding his groove and showing his competition prowess in recent days. I wish him and his family the best.

    Here’s what I think could be possibilities on where the show would go from here:
    1. Eviction night is canceled for the week and a “live” HOH competition will take its place on Thursday.
    2. Eviction will still proceed but the Brothers will have to name a replacement nominee in place of Ramsey on Monday’s Veto ceremony.
    3. In a future week, a twist will allow the brothers to finally be split up as individual players as a way to keep the odd number of jurors intact by finale night.
    4. The POV will be in play again with the same set of players minus Ramsey plus whoever his replacement on the block will be.

  7. FOR those of you who for lack of better words know me on here, please read this! Maybe it will give you some insight into me and my passion with over expressing myself! Please take the time to read this! I don’t often open up like this….. About me personally!

    First of all!!!
    This whole thread has turned into a shitshow due to one person’s personal opinions! Hopefully they never have to make a choice!

    PLEASE READ ( especially those of you who know me on here! It would mean a lot to me.)
    When I was 10 years old my dad passed away and I dealt with it very differently than I would have now. But at the time I was so young and I did not understand it! I now have regrets even though I was only ten years old and I should not have these regrets now! But I do, it’s impossible not to! So until you live it, and live with regret you really don’t know what you’re talking about! Unless of course you are not close to your family, then it becomes a completely different story! Fame and Fortune comes before family if you’re not close to your family! And that’s just too bad and sad for that person.
    Enough said! Ramsey did the right thing, regardless of the outcome. I like him more than I did before for being a man and choosing family over fame and fortune! Or a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience! On a reality TV show! & hopefully big brother will have a season of fan favorites or all stars and Ramsey can come back! Then the whole once-in-a-lifetime experience is BS!
    We need to focus on sending prayers and positive vibes to his family and his father especially! I truly hope it is nothing serious but Ramsey chose to go anyway! We don’t know! But that’s my hope! My thoughts and prayers are with Ramsey and his family! I’m not wasting anymore negativity trying to debate on whether what he did was right or wrong!!

    PLEASE READ (those our view that somewhat know me on here, might help you understand my passion LOL)
    I know the feeling of losing a parent and I know the feeling of regret! Even though I was only 10 years old! Without regret lives with me now that I’m older comma and only because I didn’t fully understand things like when my dad said to me “can you help me pick out some songs you like for my funeral” and I said “no I want to go play with my friends!” It kills me now trying to process how he felt about me saying that, did he understand!? Was he sad!? How badly did I hurt his feelings!? Did I break his heart!? Did I make him cry!? Did he think that I didn’t love him?! But at the time I didn’t understand it! It’s not something that goes away, it’s something that comes back and makes you feel worse! It’s something I have to live with every day and try and tell myself that I was young and just didn’t understand and that my dad was not sad! That I did not make things worse for him! That I did not break his heart!
    So to read someone say they would pick a stupid reality TV show Game show over saying goodbye to their mother or father enrages me! Breaks my heart! Because I wish I had that choice!

    Thank you so much to those of you that took the time to read this! XO

    • Hi tinalee! Long time no see. You and I convo last year on BB. We always thought alike. And this is no different. Even though I can’t get BBCAN, I get the updates. I totally support when someone decides to go home on family emergency. Remember Evil Dick did it. So keep on expressing yourself!!!!

    • Tinalee, I’m sure that your father understood that perhaps you didn’t understand. And he knew you loved him & still do. I hope you can resolve those regrets one day cuz if you’re a parent then you’d understand that nothing my kids would make me sad.
      My father passed away within 5 weeks of finding out he had cancer. Prior to that I needed knee surgery & had a funny feeling about doing that with my dad being sick (before he found out) my older sister said ‘oh he’ll be fine.’ And I listened to her. I couldn’t drive for a few weeks so I didn’t visit him at the hospital until a few days before his diagnosis. After we found out I stayed with him as much as possible. I slept there, I ate there (barely) and I sat there. He didn’t talk much & finally I went to him to tell him the things I regretted over the years. He didn’t say much but his eyes told me to forget about those times & remember the good times. It’s been hard. Almost 9 years later I’m still not at terms with his dying. I’m pissed cuz he had dreams that he couldn’t live out. But, I know he loved me & vs a vs….. And that’s what it’s all about Tinalee….. Just remember the good times & that he loved you! That’s what he’d want isn’t it?
      Regret is a waste…. You go live your life as your proud papa would want you to….. ??

      • Thank you so much! And yes I have 3 daughters! I think I’m struggling with it right now more than ever because I am around the age my dad was when he passed away so I just think about him and myself and then myself and my girls. My life completely changed after he died!

  8. My prayers are with you and your family Ramsey. Very sad to see you go but knowing you left for all the right reasons. Hope for a speedy recovery for your dad and make sure you come back for another season of BBC 🙂

  9. I think that if BB Canada was on the ball they’d set up Ramsey for an exchange BB experience like Tim & Nikki are experiencing. Maybe Italy or even Australia. Not England cuz it just rains there & the food is bland!! Hahahahaha!
    Cuz Ramsey really was well liked. More so before he hooked up with the devil…..

  10. As far as the jury & how it’s affected….. Maybe BB Canada will do something different & let a Canadian BB fan jump in as a juror??? ….(maybe me???) ??

    Splitting the Bros isn’t fair towards the end of the game cuz their votes will still be the same but x 2. That’s how’d they vote & that’s how they’d play….they’d have to in order to get them both closer to the prize….!! ??

    But then again…. This year has been the year of production. Maybe save a seat for production?? Ugh!

    • Agree..I like the brothers, but splitting the brothers now would be another “faulty” twist….that’s so bad.

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