Ramsey Aburaneh Leaves Big Brother Canada 4 Due To Family Emergency – Update

Big Brother Canada has announced that Ramsey Aburaneh has officially left the BBCAN4 after a family emergency required him to make a difficult choice between his family and the game.

Ramsey Aburaneh on Big Brother Canada 4
Ramsey Aburaneh on Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

Thin details were caught yesterday on the Feeds that led us know Ramsey would be leaving the house on Sunday at 7AM along with discussions of whether or not he would return. Now we know for certain that he will not and what was the cause.

Feeds were down for more than ten hours today likely as part of the ongoing situation but now they’re back as the Houseguests try to determine how the game will be handled this week especially with his role in its events.

BBCAN made this announcement on Facebook:

Yesterday Ramsey received news that his father is ill and requires surgery. In light of this situation Ramsey has decided to leave the Big Brother Canada house and be with his family during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ramsey and his family and we wish Mr. Aburaneh a quick recovery.

That was likely a very hard and very easy choice at the same time as I think most would want to be with their family at a time like that, but also hard to walk away from this opportunity.

While he won’t be back this season, maybe we’ll see Ramsey again another year.

Update: News today (4/20) is that Ramsey’s father had a successful surgery and is doing well. That’s great news.