Big Brother Canada 4: So What Happens Now With The Veto?

Later this morning the Power of Veto Ceremony will be held and at this point we still don’t know what will happen with Ramsey’s departure yesterday from Big Brother Canada.

Big Brother Canada 4's Head of Household Room
Big Brother Canada 4’s Head of Household Room – Source: Global

Normally the nominees would give a little speech and the Veto would be used or placed back in its box, but this is no ordinary week for the BBCAN4 HGs.

Since Ramsey won the Veto on Saturday we’d expect him to use it and the brothers would name a renom. Now with Ramsey gone there are many possibilities, but a few simple options they may use.

Big Brother could consider the Veto and Ramsey’s exit as a balance in the week’s events and just have the brothers name a renom as they likely would have done. This would be the easiest in my view.

It’s possible that Big Brother asked Ramsey for his decision and then they’ll go from that, but what if he said “I’ll use it on Maddy”? Then that’d really screw things up with the brothers needing to name two new noms. That seems to messy to let happen and why I think the first option is better.

Maybe BBCAN4 will pull a Survivor move and say since someone has already left this week then there’s no eviction which would keep things on track for their original schedule plans. If that happens then it might not be announced today and the HGs continue on their stressing until Thursday afternoon.

We’re also in a spot of needing an extra Jury member and that’ll probably force what was also a Plan B for this season. The brothers could be split up and fill two seats in the house. Doesn’t seem too crazy and I bet the HGs will wish they had gotten rid of them while they had the chance. Nolan twins, anyone?

Should a renom be named it does sound like Tim is going up but the brothers have told him it’s just as a pawn. Meanwhile they actually have been talking about going after Tim either this week or next so it could get messy. Especially messy if they decide to target him this week, make it known, and the Big Brother announces there’s no eviction because of Ramsey’s exit. Oh I like that scenario.

What do you think Big Brother should do this week about the Veto and eviction now that Ramsey is gone?