Meet The Big Brother Canada 2014 HGs [VIDEO]

ET Canada sat down with the new cast of Big Brother Canada last week before they entered the house which is a great way to see who the HGs want you to believe they are. Of course we’ve learned there’s a big difference between “Interview HG” and “Real person HG.” We’ll soon find out which is which!

Big Brother Canada 2 cast

We get a fun run through the personality types and potential conflicts as we have the squeaky, bubbly blond who is followed by the “I hate squeaky!” While it may look like HGs are ready to butt heads it’s worth remembering how well everyone got along last season even when feuding. So hope for drama, but settle for fun.

Ahh, the Showmance. There were definitely some critical showmances last season on Big Brother Canada so you know the new HGs may be tempted to give that plan a try. So which of them are looking to hook up to advance their game? Kyle says no way. Neda is game. Arlie is too (and wants at least two!). That’s a big no for Ika. Kenny says sure. And then Sabrina says she’ll use a boy, but she won’t use a boy.

We’ll have to wait and see which BBCAN cast members live up to their own hopes and expectations when the screens turn on and we start watching what’s really going on inside the Big Brother Canada house!

ET Canada talks with new Big Brother Canada cast: