Big Brother Canada Spoilers – HGs Have Entered & Game Is On

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada 2 is officially underway! The 2014 cast entered the house last night before a live studio audience and has kicked off the new season.

According to audience member spoilers the front of the BBCAN house is very similar to last year’s design (pictured above) even though it’s a completely new studio set. We also learned the HGs faced their first HoH challenge which involved standing on blocks of ice. Perhaps an early endurance competition as we sometimes see on Big Brother?

The new season of Big Brother Canada starts airing next week, March 5th on Slice. While that channel isn’t readily available outside of Canada we’ll be sharing links and details on how to watch Big Brother Canada from the US next week when we have more details.

If you missed details on the new BBCAN house or the all-new Big Brother Canada 2 cast then get caught up and ready to go for next week’s season premiere!

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