Live Feeds Confirmed For Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada

A big question has been answered for the upcoming Big Brother Canada series: will there be Live Feeds? The answer is: yes!

According to Slice’s Facebook fan page for BBCA, and uncovered by Big Brother Access, the houseguests will be part of live streaming Internet feeds:

Fans of Big Brother Canada will be able to connect with the series outside of the 3-day-a-week broadcast through a myriad of digital extensions including live streaming and social engagement opportunities that allow online users to impact decisions in the house.

So not only will there be Feeds but also various social media events that will directly impact the game and its players. Hopefully that means something a little more meaningful than picking their Have-Not food of the week, but we shall see.

Do you plan on getting Big Brother Canada Live Feeds? We can’t wait to see what Slice releases next for the quickly approaching BBCA season premiere!

Source: Facebook via Big Brother Access