Big Brother Canada Premiere Date Announced

Get ready for Big Brother Canada! Slice has just announced their BBCA variant will premiere on Wednesday, February 27th. Not only that but we got the bonus news that yes, there will be “After Dark” available for Slice’s audience every single night.

“After Dark” might be running every night but the regular Big Brother Canada episodes will air on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays which matches with the US’ Big Brother approach in recent seasons.

Get yourself ready for the debut season by checking out the latest house construction photos released by Slice. Yes, that’s a pool in the picture here and it’s indoors. That means the “outdoors” will be all contained in the set but will feature a very cool lighting system to simulate natural light.

Big Brother Canada house construction

No word yet on who has been selected for the Big Brother Canada host but we’ll keep listening for more insider rumors and see what we can share with you on that.

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