Big Brother Canada Host Inside Rumors

Big Brother Canada

The casting for Big Brother Canada may have closed but the new series is still in search of its host and thanks to an anonymous source we have an inside look at which TV personalities may be in the running to be Julie Chen’s new counterpart to the north.

While we have to trust our source on validity (and we do), all of the mentioned names are plausible options for the host role on Canada’s own Big Brother. Let’s take a look at who is allegedly in the running.

  • Cheryl Hickey – Cheryl is the current host of ‘ET Canada’ which means she’s already in the Global Television family which owns Shaw which runs Slice, the future home of Big Brother Canada. [Wikipedia] Update: Cheryl tweets she won’t be involved since finale is around her due date.
  • Josie Dye – Josie has the background of both television and radio as the current host of her radio show “Josie’s Top 20” which is broadcast across Canada. She is also the host of Cosmopolitan TV’s “Oh So Cosmo.” [Wikipedia]
  • Matte Babel – Matte is another TV personality already in the Global Television Network family and has worked along with Hickey on ‘ET Canada.’ You may remember Babel from BB14’s media day as one of the test-run houseguests. Up’ing his chances is his background as the host of another reality series, ‘Canada Sings’ which is also on Global TV. [Wikipedia]
  • Rosey Edeh – Rosey, another TV personality and Global employee, covers the traffic and weather for Global’s ‘The Morning Show’ along with being a co-anchor on ‘The News at Noon.’ She’s worked for CNN, NBC, and MSNBC which seems to make her a more formal host option. Edeh is roughly ten years older than the other names on this list. [Wikipedia]
  • Trevor Boris – Trevor takes us outside the “another TV host from Global” realm. He’s a comedian, writer, and most recently a producer for “Canada’s Got Talent.” He also has a background of TV hosting with “I Now Pronounce You…”. [Wikipedia]

Keeping in mind that CBS opted to use a host from their own network for BBUS it wouldn’t be surprising to see someone from the Global TV network fill this role. Cheryl and Matte seem to be well positioned from their entertainment television roles, but remember that Julie Chen was on the newsfront at CBS when she was drafted to be the host which gives Rosey strong consideration. There’s no word on when a decision will be made and with Canada’s Big Brother debut scheduled for February 2013 there should be plenty of time to work through the list.

Having had limited exposure to names on this list it’s difficult for me to favor one possibility over another so I’d be interested in readers’ opinions on who they think would be best suited to helm BBCA. Your thoughts? Who should host Big Brother Canada?