Big Brother Canada: Week 9 Eviction Prediction

Andrew - Big Brother Canada

We’ve been watching the Big Brother Canada Feeds and up until this morning it seemed pretty clear who was going home. That may be changing as we speak, um, as we write. Read on for the spoilers discussion or skip it and wait for tonight’s eviction show.

Earlier in the week the power couple Jimmett was split on who they wanted out. Jillian was nervous about Talla for her endurance abilities while Emmett thought Andrew was the more general threat through the rest of the season.

Things seemed to have settled on evicting Andrew and keeping Talla, the HG who hasn’t won anything. At all. Ever. Seems like a smart plan to me. Maybe the HGs thought it was too smart because apparently they’re back to debating the vote as of this morning.

The Feeds have gone to “Hush, Hush” for now and possibly until after tonight’s show so we may have run out of our insight to the voting HGs’ thinking.

Honestly, I’d be shocked if they didn’t vote out Andrew. It’s the smart choice as disappointing as it is. Andrew is a good competitor and has done well, but if I were in that house I’d much rather go up against Talla than Andrew in anything but a drinking and screaming contest.

Who do you think will be evicted tonight? Gary and Jillian will vote with Emmett casting any tiebreakers as necessary.


    • Yes you are right Gary should be put up on the block for not completing tasks.He fall a sleep he wash his face.If that was one of the other BB Canada would have done something about it.But BB Canada what’s Gary in the game.Not fair BB and it’s not right that Gary is drinking on slap.

    • I completely agree, but the production will do anything and everything to make sure Gary wins.

    • Gary has violated the rules of the veto competition and therefore should lose the points for the staying awake 24 hours (he fell asleep), the no bathing requirement (he has been washing his face), the prison outfit that he cant take off (he’s been spotted on the feeds without the ball/ chain attached)… after subtracting these points makes Andrew the veto winner. Come On big brother and do the right thing, review the videos and take away the veto and give it to Andrew… you already had a do-over once for a competition where the HG’s were caught cheating, so you better re-visit this as well. How can they have awarded the points in that comp anyway when the tasks had yet to be completed.

      • Totally agree, it’s like production wants Garry to win and the Veto was tricked I would say, Andrew puch the red button each time, ok we can see on 1 or 2 occasion that Garry when faster, but after Andrew did press but Gary’s light goes on before Andrew….the production wants are opinion but does not even considerer it, they will do has they are pleased and are totally unfair towards the players in the house…If Andrew is evicted well I would have accepted that it happenes only if they would be 4 in the house and with Garry out of there, not the way everything is happening….

  1. Yeah I think Andrew is the best person to get out but it’s difficult to say because what if Andrew the vote next week I think he would for sure evict Gary if he had that choice where as Talla that’s not hundred percent but at same time they have a better chance at winning the comps in the first place with Talla in the house.

    • wouldn’t that make things interesting ? however, I’d prefer she win the pvo. It’ll give her far more informaton… Folks will have done a lot of planning out load and she can listen and make an informed choice.

  2. Emmett’s doing a superb job snowing everyone in the house and padding his win. Although if, (and I say this lightly) Talla picks of an Hoh I sincerely hope she does some big game moves and puts up Jill and Emmett. Heck , same scenario if Gary wins it ., that way vito becomes way more Important. Jill wins and wants to play big time she’ll put up Emmett and Gary and back-door Emmett. Well , only time will tell….

    • The final 4 HOH does nothing except secure you for the week! The POV winner gets to be the sole vote to evict and has all the power really!

  3. I liked Jillian in the beginning but resent her “smug attitude” she seems to have. Would not want someone as full of herself to win this competition never mind be my child’s teacher! Looks like the “East Coast” alliance no longer needs Andrew and will dump him! I would love to see Jill on the block, sent home and wipe that grin off her face!

    • I really hate when people trash houseguests careers on the basis of being on a game show. It s ridiculous you don’t know them their on a game show for money where other people are trying to kick them out of a house! This isn’t real life! So stop talking smack about there actual careers in the real world!

  4. I’m starting to think its probably best for Emmet and Jill to keep Andrew I have a feeling Gary going to work with Talla heck she probably the only person he could beat in the finals.

  5. So another rumor is flying about stating that Gary has a contract with BB that he signed before the show began that declared him the unavoidable winner in the end. As much as it seems like it would be BS in normal situations, with all that’s happening, I wouldn’t be surprised if Andrew goes and Gary wins the next HoH and Emmett ends up leaving. It’s so obvious the production wants him to win that they are getting so desperate they are making it way too obvious.

    1. Gary gets to come back with knowledge from the JH the others don’t know. Automatic advantage

    2. Gary violates the rules of his punishments for the Veto and is left ignored

    3. Gary is taken from the house to the hospital where he reportedly had contact with family and friends and is let back in the house anyway

    4. Dan goes into the house and advises he ditches Emmett in favor of Talla. Dan entering the house showed one thing. He was sent in to help Gary

    A) Dan tried to turn Emmett and Jillian against each other by trying to get Emmett to nom Jillian and Jillian to question the logic of bringing Emmett to final two over Gary.

    B) Dan tried to get Gary to bring Talla to final two

    It’s getting to be full of crap. Every single viewer at this point could probably file a complaint against Gary and production would brush it all off by saying he did nothing wrong and we are just delusional and seeing things that aren’t happening while listening to BS rumors from Gary haters. I used to be a fan of Gary but I think his time was up and it should still be up and a show I’ve loved since 2000 is getting torn to pieces by something that is more openly rigged than the U.S version.

  6. The Jury will not vote for Talla to win ~ they should keep her for that reason only ~ but I truly hope Andrew stays as he deserves it!

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