Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? Week 9

We have your Big Brother Canada spoilers on who won Head of Household last night in the HoH comp that overran the eviction show.

Big Brother Canada HoH endurance comp
Big Brother Canada HoH endurance comp – Source: Slice

The four competing HGs: Jon, Neda, Sabrina, and Heather had to untie themselves from a huge long rope and get to the other end first. So who won? Read on for the spoilers.

When the Feeds returned we found Jon dancing in the HoH room to some music. Looks like he has won yet another HoH comp!

Heather needs to watch her back this week because Jeda are thinking of going after her this week instead of Sabrina or Adel since those two would still go after each other when left in the game together.

Jon got more booze and Neda is going crazy on it. She says she just had five shots in a row. Combine that with her Slop-only diet for a few days and I’m guessing this will go great.

Are you glad Jon won Head of Household this week? Who do you hope he nominates for eviction? We’ll get those spoilers on Saturday if all goes to schedule.

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  1. Woohoo Jon won HOH! I’m hoping either Neda or Jon wins BB. They totally deserve to win, they’re playing the game well.

  2. Yay for Jon! Jon and Neda have been dominating in challenges and they’re honestly the only two that deserve to win based solely on game both strategic and physical. Though, Neda dominates strategically as Jon has never watched BB but Jon and Neda final two!!!

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