Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Nomination Anticipation In Week 9

Jon and Adel talk game
Jon and Adel talk game – Source: Slice

A new Head of Household is about to tear the Sloppies apart, but which one of the four-HG alliance will take the fall? We’ve got the latest Big Brother Canada spoilers on who is the new target.

When the Feeds returned last night we found Jon dancing around in the HoH celebrating his win. With just one Gremlin left in the game it seems like he’d go after Sabrina, right? Nope.

Just a few days ago the plan had been to let Sabrina win HoH so she’d go after Adel. When Jeda decided this was too risky they went for the next best option: keeping both Adel and Sabrina in the game to target each other instead of Jeda. That can mean only one thing.

Heather is in a lot of trouble this week and she doesn’t even know it. Late last night Jon, Neda, and Adel all agreed to target Heather for eviction. She’ll go up against Sabrina as the supposed pawn, but she’s actually the main eviction plan.

Sabrina whispered with Neda this morning about the plan and how she’ll have to act like she doesn’t know anything. Everyone but Heather should know going in to the Veto competition so she’ll feel less threatened or pressured to win the comp.

Considering how often the plans have changed on who goes next in just the past few days there’s still a big chance the wind will shift their target and someone else could be going to Jury next. But if that doesn’t happen, say goodbye to Heather.

What do you think of Jon’s nomination plans? Is he picking the right pair of HGs to put on the block with Sabrina and Heather? Who would you go after next if you were HoH?

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