Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? 3/24/2016

After a whirlwind night of the Fake Double Eviction a new Head of Household was crowned last night on Big Brother Canada. Feeds have returned and the results are in.

Big Brother Canada 4 on Global
Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

It was a close one, according to talks on the Feeds, and this should give us a pretty interesting week ahead even without the promise of a returning evictee.

Tim is the new HoH for Week 5 of Big Brother Canada 4.

Word was that he narrowly beat out Mitch & Cassandra in a tie-breaker. That’s two second place HoH comps for Mitch in one night. Someone has got to notice his game soon!

As for what Tim will do, well that’s an unknown right now but he’s promised to do things “Aussie style” which I can only assume means awesomely entertaining. He has mentioned doing a nomination roulette and making the group openly name names for their desired noms. Well that should be fun!

Update: Cassandra and Jared are plotting to get Dallas and Ramsey on the Block under Tim’s reign. Think they can do it?

What do you think of Tim being the new HoH? Noms will be coming up on Friday, Veto comp on Saturday, and Veto ceremony on Monday. Good times ahead. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for even more coverage.


  1. Wow! I am surprised Tim took the win! He is a complete wild card, I have no idea whatsoever what he will do. I truly have no idea! I think if anything he will do something Fair like put two people on the Block who haven’t been there before or actually I don’t have an or LOL I really don’t know!!
    Is he still close with Nikki and Cassandra? Those two should be safe. Who else is he close to? Joel? Mitch? The brothers? Jared? Dallas and Company? It will be interesting to see what he does. I guess the only other thing I can think of that he will do is like it was mentioned is have everyone say who they want on the Block and then the two people who get the most votes so to speak he will put on the Block? Or maybe he will put Jared and Dallas on the walk? Who knows LOL clearly I don’t! What are your thoughts?

    • Tim is really smart player, he may get rid of a strong plater like Jared or the brothers or go after social treats like Dallas. I am with you in that fact there is no telling what plans to do. Should be an interesting week.

      • well it worked out if he does in fact nominate Dallas and Ramsey. Love it! I never know where Tim’s head is that but even though he did this strategy, he’s not stupid and he knew what the votes would be to some degree so getting less blood on his hands and looking like he’s not really playing the game is smart because I’m sure he’s happy to nominate Dallas and Ramsey. We know Dallas is going to play super hard for that Veto so if he does win then Maddie goes up! Win-win 🙂 in my opinion!!
        I 100% want Kelsey back in the house and Raul and Jared to be there when she comes back. so now my question is how is Kelsey or Loveita getting back on? A comp? our online votes??? Kelsey HAS to get back in!! Loveita needs to go home and do her hair! LOL

  2. I think he is closer to Jared, Cass and Nikki of course; so he’ll probably go after the other side of the house. However, if Dallas is the target he shouldn’t go up today B/C he is a strong competitor and could win POV very easily.

    • I do think Mitch is throwing comps so he not only doesn’t have to pick sides, but he doesn’t want any blood on his hands. He played poor Joel like a fiddle! That strategy could get him to $100,000 though! lol He’s likeable, quiet & non threatening. Floating all the way to the end possibly….lol.

  3. This should be a fun week! I absolutely love Tim! He brings life & fun to the house. What he’ll do is completely up in the air, but will be entertaining for sure! His “nomination roulette” sounds REALLY funny!
    As for the rest, didn’t care about Lovitta going, & as for Kelsey, I liked her, but that stunt on the way out the door with the rubber duck turned me off! It showed her true colors. That’s the action of someone who’s just playing dirty & speaks volumes of her character. And it bugged me even more because I liked her & was rooting for her. Such a “junior high school” act. Honestly now I don’t want her OR Lovitta back.

    Speaking of…they haven’t said HOW they’ll get back have they? If it’s voting, it will just be them for sure, but I’m thinking a comp, (it’s 90 minutes again) & that they’ll be up against whoever gets voted out this week. Thoughts?

    Big Brother Canada just gets better every year!

    • On the interview Kelsey said it was a prank cuz she said Maddie had been nothing but unkind to her no matter how hard she tried. Kelsey said she kept being nice to Maddie but everyday Maddie was just………! Ya!
      And she also said she took the duck as a prank but decided to keep it…. But really, who cares?
      I wasn’t too sure about Kelsey as well cuz she really is a flirt & the way she flirts is overboard in my world. But she thinks it’s harmless & she can answer to it if anyone has issues with it. She even called herself a big flirt at the beginning of the game.
      Different strokes for different folks….

      • I saw the interview. Doesn’t change my opinion of her. Since she got back in, she’s shown her true colors. Maddie is no better, but taking that duck was just a juvenile move. Honestly, the women are quite unlikeable this year for the most part. Nikki is kind of fun to watch, (those tantrums are HILLARIOUS, but if I was living with her I’d strangle her…lol. Seriously, at least I can mute my tv…lol. But her & Tim give a new take on the show. Kinda nice, as long as they don’t win it. Should go to a Canadian. Besides, if they won 100G Canadian, they’d be lucky to end up with $40G in their currency! LOL!!

        • If it was a guy would you feel the same way? If he was doing it as a prank? Think about it honestly. Guys are able to prank each other & it funny! Girls do it & its catty? Hmmmmm ,
          What does everyone else think? Just putting it out there for discussions

          • Actually, yeah, I would feel the same way. Doesn’t matter if it’s male or female, that was a juvenile move. (I didn’t say catty, that implies women, you used that term) I’m a HUGE practical joker, as is my entire family and most of my friends. It’s a running gag in our home to see who can scare the hell out of who…lol. And practical jokes are a regular thing in our house. Been doing it since our kids were little, & at 26 & 21, we still do it. It wasn’t a prank. Just because she SAID it was a prank, after coming out onstage & realizing all of Canada saw her, doesn’t mean it was a prank. (Her comment to Maddie made that abundantly clear) And my comment about the women in general, stand. I’m very equal rights. But the women that are consistently chosen to play Big Brother, (US & Canada) are more concerned with stabbing each other in the back, than actually forming an alliance against the men. They can’t keep their emotions in check. (With the rare exception) Even if they try, it always fails within a week. I’m sure this is done on purpose by BB, but it’s getting old. All it does is make it look like ALL women, can’t get along. IMHO, they need to stick together long enough to get the upper hand, THEN worry about anything else. The guys do it. They may not like each other, but they know game is more important. And most women in the real world do too, but BB keeps picking those who will, in your words, be “catty”. It’s annoying. And if the men were acting that way, (Raoul is!!) then I’d say it too. Mitch was such a loss to this season! He knew game is game, period, & has no reflection on outside the house. He played with reason & not emotion. The house is far more dull without him.

          • So there was no emotion in Mitch’s final speech? Hmmmmm?!

            And as far as Kelsey’s practical joke…. Upon leaving Maddie did laugh & thought it was funny as Kelsey headed for the door the first time out , eh? So I haven’t seen any footage of Maddie being upset? But I may have taken things the wrong way. Who knows??

          • Mitch’s final speech was all strategy, including his veto speech. Maddie’s face dropped when Kelsey took that duck & said she was keeping it because Maddie loved it. You keep insisting it was a practical joke, when Kelsey herself admitted it was a mean & unnecessary move. I’ve also tried talking to you about other aspects of the game, but you seem uninterested in that, & I’m tired of talking about what K admitted herself. I hope you enjoy the rest of the season, & have a great day.

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