Big Brother Canada 4 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 5 – Update: Plan In Action & Votes Are In

We have a new Head of Household on Big Brother Canada and that means it’s time for nominations before too long. Luckily for us this round could provide some very interesting action on the Feeds as the latest HoH is planning to do things a little differently.

Nick & Dallas get ready for the latest BBCAN nominations
Nick & Dallas get ready for the latest BBCAN nominations – Source: Global

While Maddy had just a few minutes to make her nomination decisions the new HoH has had a lot more time and a unique approach, but would we really expect anything else from the situation?

Yes, Tim is calling the shots this round but in a way, he wants to make everyone else do the shot calling. Talking with Cassandra and Nikki last night we heard more details from Tim as he got ready to roll out his unusual approach to nominations.

Tim wants to have all the Houseguests name two other players to go up on the Block and then whoever has the most “votes” will be his two picks. He is a little worried that word will get out and a group will coordinate their responses so he may need to do it as a surprise.

Now if that approach doesn’t work he has another idea. Tim told Cassandra that if he was the one making the noms he’d go with two Houseguests “that nobody is willing to put up.” That’d be Joel and Mitch. Now that’d be a competitive Block!

Which way do you think Tim should go for his nominations? Play a little nomination roulette a la Dan’s renom roulette? Or should he just go right out and put up Mitch and Joel for this week’s BBCAN4 nominees?

Update: Tim has gathered the HGs in the living room and is explaining his approach to noms. Yes, he has gone with the group decision method. Everyone gets 5 points to assign against other HGs. The two HGs with the most points will be the noms. Tim will never reveal what they’ve told him. But if anyone doesn’t participate then those five points will be levied against that HG.

Update 2: Tim met with all the Houseguests and the final counts are in. Dallas earned the most points at 29 and Ramsey received the second most with 9. According to Tim’s plan, these will be the noms.

Spoilers should come out late tonight and we’ll get the official results off the Feeds. Can’t wait to see what Tim delivers! Don’t want to miss the results? Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for even more Big Brother Canada coverage.