Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Out Last Night On BBCAN4? 4/21/2016

Last night on Big Brother Canada we found out who was the next Houseguest to be voted out and who became the latest Head of Household when family arrived to amp up the game.

Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox
Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox – Source: Global

Few details had been shared on the family twist to this week’s HoH comp, but we soon found out how that all was working. We thought there’d be a good vote between Maddy and Tim as both were still rallying support late this afternoon, but it came out like a landslide.

Yes, Maddy wasn’t going to go quietly and set out on getting Jared and Joel to flip to her side knowing that Jared could bring Kelsey with her as the three votes it’d take to stay. Tim caught wind, saw the brothers as supporting Maddy’s move, and went to work himself. Now the pressure will be on even stronger at tonight’s HoH comp.

Eviction Vote – Week 8:

  • Kelsey votes to evict: Maddy
  • Nikki votes to evict: Maddy
  • Cassandra votes to evict: Maddy
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Jared votes to evict: Maddy
  • Joel votes to evict: Maddy

By a vote of 5-0, Maddy has been evicted from Big Brother Canada.

Head of Household – Week 9:
Well this is different. The HGs’ loved ones / relatives are playing for them tonight in the backyard. They’re watching as rocks fall from the sky and once they estimate 1,000 rocks have fallen then they hit the button to try and win it for their associated HG. We’ll have to go to the Feeds for the spoilers.

Update: Spoilers are in on who won HoH last night!

Oh, and next week? A Double Eviction! For realsy this time too.

The next Big Brother Canada episode airs at 7PM ET/PT on Sunday night and will feature the week’s nominations while Wednesday’s episode (9/8c) will cover the Veto competition and ceremony to get us ready for the next eviction show.


  1. Hey maybe there going to address Ramsey’s Jury spot or at least hopefully update us on how his father is doing

      • BTW, if you haven’t seen it, TMZ just reported that Prince’s stop at an hospital last friday night was to threat a drug overdose.

        • WTF……..I didn’t know Prince died today!!!! I just saw it now on the news! Now I understand why you have been officially ruled out as possibly being Prince! Ha
          But anyway, I had no idea! Sad!

        • Princes stop at the hospital last week LOL yeah he just pulled in! And was a “threat” nope was to treat a drug overdose. According to TMZ. You can understand my confusion LOL I thought he was just driving by the hospital & stopped in because he felt he might need to be treated for a drug overdose because of a “threat!” Hardy har har har!

          Who am I to call out spelling mistakes or auto correct! LOL LOL this talk-to-text sucks and half the time when I say comma to get a ‘ , ‘ instead it stalls out “comma” or “KAMA” & I’m too busy talking away to notice lol lol talk-to-text is Handy however, it does have a mind of its own and half the time I spend correcting the autocorrects comma and…. LOL,,,, oh sure now it actually does commas. Or when I say smiley face to get a πŸ™‚ sometimes it types out the word smiley face! Anyways I’m talking to myself LOL am I annoying or what? I hope sometimes I can make you giggle! Haha but I enjoyed myself LOL no I didn’t say Enjoy, I said ANNOY!! But I also do enjoy myself from time to time :p (& that sounds wrong or right!! depending on how you want to look at it) hahahahahahaha

          Anyway, thought about Prince! Ugg! Okay that’s not what I said. See what I mean! What I actually said was “anyway, sad about Prince”

          • Actually no LOL I don’t really pay attention to Facebook much…
            When I do open up Facebook on my cell phone, unless your posts or anyone else’s are right there on my timeline, I don’t see it!
            I check out my notifications and messages and post my posts and wish people happy birthday. But I don’t scroll through my time line, ever!
            Come on Captain…. I have over 500 ‘friends’ LOL <<>>
            I would spend 24/7 trying to keep track of all of my ‘500+ best friends’ lives LOL
            That said, I keep meaning to go to your page to checkout all of your stuff you post about BB and whatnot. So I guess you post about TMZ as well? LOL
            Do you get paid for all this!!? LOL

          • BB, Survivor and cats. LOL I posted the TMZ post just because it such a big news.

          • You should actually get paid! Lots of ways to get paid having blogs. We own our company which is internet marketing! Mainly SEO but started off initially developing websites from scratch. But now we focus mainly on SEO and internet marketing! There is definitely a lot of money to be made if you get a large following blogging! But I’m sure you know that already LOL you are Captain! You know everything πŸ™‚

          • So maybe that’s something I should do then LOL we know I can say a lot quickly hahaha Talk to Type Captain!!

  2. Why would Phil encourage Maddy when it was his hand (and Nick’s) that put her in that situation in the 1st place?

    • I’m starting to lean more in favor of Tim as well they will have a hard time getting rid of him after this week

  3. YES YES YES MADDY IS FINALLY GONE!!!!! & PLEASE TELL ME Ramsey does not support a future relationship with her! They argued more than they coddled! She’s a spaz! Watching last night’s episode when they were both nominated and she was feeling sorry for herself only! And Ramsey was upset but she got mad at him saying he has no right to be upset because he’s safe! Pawns go home ya loser! God I can’t stand that girl!
    (Atleast on BB because I know that the house can bring out the ‘best or worst’ in people……………..
    **Vanessa** For example! So I will give Maddie the benefit of the doubt because it’s only fair because I did defend Vanessa last year!!) :p

  4. Wait a second, not did you say Maddie was “working on Jared” for a vote to keep her??? Seriously lol was it real? Did he think about it??? I guess I will have to wait and see but OMG! Jared LOL saving Maddie LOL that would have been very very… What’s the right word??? Stupid!? Ironic!?…. Strange!? LOL I don’t know what the word is but Maddie and Jared working together?! That would last about 1 second!!

    • Jared had been thinking about it but the votes simply weren’t there to flip it.

      And to think it was him and Kelsey who suggested to the brothers to put her up. heh

  5. I am quite aware this is most likely an unpopular opinion, but I would’ve campaigned to evict Tim. He is the stronger player and the house may not receive another opportunity like the one they passed up. Please remember that it is not pettiness, cattiness, and high school-like drama that wins this game. Do you know what does, though? STRATEGY WINS THIS! So definitely keep in mind that while ‘Catty Maddy’ is annoying, Tim is a better player and definitely has a greater shot at making it to the end than someone who is much more preoccupied with drama. I believe it was the wrong move to NOT flip the vote and I also feel it will probably come back to bite at least a couple others in the butt… thoughts? I am gladly open to different opinions!

    • In order to take Tim out will require timing as I’ve mentioned previously just because he has three close allies who will keep him this week (and they did) so there is simply no way of budging that.

      Once there is an opening is the moment a housemate could strike against him. Using the “he’s not Canadian” card is not enough to convince anyone to turn against him. In fact, that is something they could probably only use to sway jury votes away from him and have him settle in second if he reaches the final 2. The nationality-versus-gameplay argument is going to be an interesting topic once we reach that point.

      Now, other than Tim, who has the balls to take out Jared? Besides Tim, Jared is as much of an impediment due to his expanding resume of winning comps and social connections. Getting him out as soon as possible can help open the game up to new possibilities that would even the playing field for everyone else with lots of game left to play.

      • I really don’t understand the whole ‘He’s not Canadian’ card. Who cares?! As long as a strong and deserving player wins this, I don’t care what his nationality is and that would not sway my jury vote if given the opportunity!

        Now, about Jared… YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT! He is another threat in this game. Honestly, I will be extremely shocked to see either Jared or Kelsey in the final two. They both have two locked jury votes in Mitch and Raul; if only one makes it to the end, there are three locked votes as Mitch, Raul, and whichever one is evicted will vote for the remaining one! Then that remaining third wheel member will only need TWO votes! The other hg’s would be stupid to give EITHER of them the opportunity to be in the final two!

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