Big Brother Canada 4: Eviction Prediction In Week 8

Skipping over the expected six votes round we’re down to just five votes tonight at the Big Brother Canada 4 eviction with Tim and Maddy facing off from the Block.

Maddy worries about the votes on BBCAN4
Maddy worries about the votes on BBCAN4 – Source: CBS

The brothers’ power ended on Monday with the Veto Ceremony now that there’s no chance of a tie leaving the choice entirely up to these five voting HGs. So who will they send to Jury?

It’s looked like Maddy for days now and I’m sticking with that as this batch of HGs hasn’t been doing much shifting around for weeks now. They find a track, settle in, and coast out the rest of the week.

Tim is such a strong social player that it’d be a huge temptation to get him out, but Maddy has done really well in comps and should also be seen as a big threat to the other HGs’ game. Maddy is much more isolated, but that also makes her a free agent and dangerous if she ends up joining a side against you. Either way the HGs go I’d say it was a good move so that’s a bonus for them.

The real mystery for the day is who ends up winning HoH and then we get to start the fun all over.

Who do you think will be voted out tonight on Big Brother?

We’ll be back here at 8PM ET to watch it play out with our live coverage of the not-so-live show. Since tonight’s Big Brother Canada episode will be taped in advance you can find the spoilers on Twitter, but I’m going to avoid that and watch the “live-not-live” show to see what happens.

Update: Maddy hasn’t given up and continued to work on Jared earlier this afternoon. He told her he’d do it if she could convince the others, but Jared says he’s the only one who is “logical” and they aren’t so it won’t do her any good.