Big Brother Canada Results: Who Went Home Last Night On BBCAN4? 3/31/2016

Settle in for a 90-min special episode of Big Brother Canada 4 as we’re set to discover who was voted off last night and which Houseguest has returned from the Secret Suite to rejoin the game.

Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox
Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox – Source: Global

With so much going on with this week’s eviction show it’s likely that we’ll have another cliffhanger when it comes to the Head of Household competition so get ready to follow along with us for those spoilers as well from the Live Feeds once they return after the show airs.

Ready to find out which way the house finally settled in their Dallas vs Maddy decision? Eight votes are up for grabs and let’s see how it goes in the Diary Room.

Eviction Vote – Week 5:

  • Jared votes to evict: Dallas
  • Cassandra votes to evict: Maddy
  • Joel votes to evict: Maddy
  • Mitch votes to evict: Dallas
  • Nikki votes to evict: Dallas
  • Raul votes to evict: Dallas
  • Brothers vote to evict: Maddy
  • Ramsey votes to evict: Dallas

By a vote of 5-3, Dallas Cormier was evicted from Big Brother Canada tonight.

Returning Houseguest:

  • Kelsey or Loveita?

The decision is up to the Houseguests but they all have to be in agreement. What is that decision? We won’t know until Sunday. Global is shutting down the Feeds until then so we won’t know who went back or won HoH tonight. What a dumb thing for them to do as if we aren’t going to watch the Sunday show. Thanks a lot, BBCAN.

Head of Household – Week 6:

The next Big Brother Canada episode airs at 7PM ET/PT on Sunday night and will feature the week’s nominations while Wednesday’s episode (9/8c) will cover the Veto competition and ceremony to get us ready for the next eviction show.


  1. Turn out we won’t know until Sunday who goes back in, the live feeds will be down from tonight until the sunday show. So it will happen during that time.

  2. As much as I would like to see both Dallas and Maddy gone I would rather see Dallas go tonight and Maddy deal with returning houseguest

  3. Why are the women still being all catty to each other still trying to take each other out 3 women left smh.

  4. I saw part of this on feeds…It looks like Cass could be one of the main player in the house….she’s very busy.

    • I agree but I think she’s going to end up screwed! She’s got her hand in too many cookie jars! And she really thinks a lot of herself…. I love confidence but I don’t like cocky! Or not even cocky but superior? Maybe?
      Was that the right word for those that feel the same(ish)?

        • LOL…. yes decided not to come late to the game when everyone was gone and then start asking questions LOL plus I really really really really… Lol wanted to know Dallas got evicted! And I really really really really really wanted to know which is girl was getting back in the house but I guess we have to wait again! Stupid! Big Brother making up the rules as they go along? Do we know how one of them is getting back in the house now?

          • I’m with you Tinalee! Hahaha! I couldn’t wait to find out who was returning & since the info wasn’t there I just scanned to find out who got evicted – YAAAAHOOO! BABY!!!!
            ? Happy Dance!
            I’m so happy happy happy! Now Maddie will go after the HG that voted for herrrrrrrr! Hah!
            After I found out it was Dallas I had to scroll down to hear thx gossip……. Err…… Comments! Ahahaha!
            Dallas is gone the old man is snoring! ??

          • I haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet. Well I just started it and I’m super confused! Arisa clearly says at the beginning of the show one of them will be coming back by the end of the episode! But apparently they are not and now the Hgs know about it and they have to unanimously choose which one comes back?? I don’t know, I gotta watch the episode but I just don’t get it! And no no crazy reactions 🙁 I am super-happy Dallas is gone though. Plus no live feeds or Big Brother after Dark until Sunday. Are they playing an April Fool’s joke on us?!

          • I love Aprl Fools! It was my grandpas favorite day! Muahhahahaha!
            But BB prob won’t be participating like you want them to….☹
            So 1 down 1to go!! (Dally gone! Yah…. Kelsey needs to go back in)
            Even tho it will prob hurt Jarred’s game!! Frickin’ fruck!!

    • Well, with sharing all week, and all the secret they must have learn watching, they might have reason to feel good about it.

      • Feel good yes have an advantage yes but a lot can happen it all comes down to timing on revealing and using info

  5. I thought it was cool to hear/see Kels/Lov reactions in between the drama that’s going on in the main house.

        • Didn’t Arisa say during last week’s/Thursday’s episode when explaining where the girls were going that they would sometimes have sound??
          I could be wrong because the week before that I didn’t hear her mention a fake double eviction.

          • Oh okay forget it, I saw two conversations oops I mean one conversation with two people talking about audio and that there wasn’t any but maybe I just misunderstood.

      • What’s going on captain? Do we know who was evicted yet? Which girl is back in the house? And what’s all this talk about Nicki’s reaction??? Please don’t tell me Dallas stayed!!! LOL
        I watched a bit of the beginning of Big Brother after Dark last night and it looks like the house was leaning towards keeping Dallas!? And Kelsey’s pissed off at the lack of gameplay by Raul especially because she didn’t campaign against him and now he’s just sleeping all the time.

        • Nikki’s face, I can try to grab something on twitter and put it on FB.

          And we won’t know who go back in until sunday night.

          • Nikki’s face for what reason?
            Do you know who was evicted? We have to wait until Sunday! That is BS! Grrrrrr Did BB NOT say one of the girls would be back in on Thursday/tonight? What the hell LOL
            BB are clearly making up the rules as they go along.

          • Haha right I’m just as angry as you are! I want to know who goes in tonight! 🙁

          • STUPID!!! BB changing things up as we go along. Last night when I watched a little bit of Big Brother after Dark I think the girls even thought that was there last night in that room?!?!
            So do we know now at least how one of them will get back in the house?

          • As of now there hasn’t been any say but I’m not entirely sure how they will get back in

  6. West Coast girl here! What’s going on?? Who was evicted? Who’s back in the house? What’s going on with Nikki? LOL I’m on the edge of my seat!

        • I kinda thought she wouldn’t cuz she’s always hanging around the Jared bunch….the Sane people!
          Not that Nikki is but……. I think it’s an act but who cares??? It’s entertaining….
          I knew she disliked Maddie, BIG TIME….BBAD she was talking to Cass about ‘Mad-dog.’ I’m thinking that was Nikki’s pet name for Maddie….
          Nikki just did not like her, sam I am! Lol

      • Oh thank God! Jared Raul the brothers Cassandra Joel voted to evict Dallas?!
        After watching a bit of Big Brother after Dark last night, it really look like Cassandra was working the house to keep Dallas. They were all in the pantry talking about keeping him and working on Nikki?? But something happened last night with Nikki? But I didn’t keep watching, last I saw was one of the brothers, Phil I think tried to talk to Nikki but she was not interested in talking about anything!

        • These were the votes….. So I think Cass is on the target list now…. At least from Maddie & Ramsey for sure…. Or she should be! Why did she jump ship from Jared, Mitch, Raul? I just don’t get how some of these players think…. But then it must be hard to be in a house for that amount of time with ppl you really do not know! I don’t know if I could do it… Looks easy but ugh… Meh…. Hmmm!


          Jared votes to evict: Dallas
          Cassandra votes to evict: Maddy
          Joel votes to evict: Maddy
          Mitch votes to evict: Dallas
          Nikki votes to evict: Dallas
          Raul votes to evict: Dallas
          Brothers vote to evict: Maddy
          Ramsey votes to evict: Dallas

  7. I wonder no hoh comp tonight then I guess or maybe whoever returns is immune for 1 week and they do hoh let us vote for 24 hours hence shutting down feeds till Sunday that’s my prediction

    • Hope not because from what I’ve read people want Loveita back in the house. I want Kelsey! Especially after watching a little bit of Big Brother after Dark last night. She seemed pretty pissed off at Raul for not playing hard and sleeping. She said she didn’t campaign against him and now he’s doing nothing so she’s pissed. I think Kelsey going back in the house will be way more entertaining, I think she is fully ready to play hard and after everything she has seen and heard all week plus everything Loveita has told her, she’s totally ready to get back in that game!

      • Most everybody feel, the boy in the house will want Kelsey. So everybody feel, Kelsey has more chance.

        • The boys in the house? The house besides? Okay I’ll stop asking questions and come back in a bit 🙂

          • Obviously Jared, Raul and probably Ramsey will want Kelsey for sure, everybody feel since they are strong personnality, that they will be able to convince the others to go for Kelsey. And from we just saw, and to no surprise, Maddy would prefer Kelsey too.

          • Yea so Kelsey will be going back in since it will be unanimous and everyone doesn’t want loveita to comeback

          • But Lovita was a thorn in everyone’s side too…. So that might be the way some think for her…. The only person she connected with was Joel. But I think he’ll go up next week & if love gets back she’ll be up with him.
            Sooooooo, to conclude, I vote KELSEY….. Pweaseeee??! ??

  8. Oh I see the blanks have been filled in above. Cassandra is a dumb dumb lol and the brothers! Get rid of a strong player you bunch of idiots LOL okay well they did but they almost didn’t. So does the house now know about Kelsey and Loveita? And what is everyone talking about with Nikki’s reaction?? Okay I’m going to watch Survivor LOL I’ll check in periodically instead of asking questions every 2 seconds 🙂 I should just pull up the episode on my Google box and watch it with all of you.

  9. Does anyone know why Nikki switched her vote? Sounds like her ally Tim wanted to keep Dallas (ans evict Maddy) and it didnt seem like she liked Maddy at all! If Nikki had kept her vote to maddy it would have been a tie and Tim would have had the deciding vote! Boooo so sad Maddy wasn’t evicted.

  10. You guys are playing an April Fool’s Day joke on me aren’t you? East Coast cuz it’s now April 1st here West Coast! You guys are playing with me are you??? I think I’m on to you! Or else Big Brother Canada is playing a joke on all of us!…….. Interesting! I think you guys are playing one on me….. I just started watching tonight’s episode and there’s no talk about the girls not coming in tonight. Arissa is saying one of them will be coming back in tonight. Someone screwing with my head….. do you know how hard it is not to fast forward now …… NO WONDER I feel like I have been talking to myself all night…. I have been!! Something’s up, I’m on to you all LOL…..

    ……… I shall return!!!!

  11. Maybe Christina, me 🙂 should watch the episodes before making comments LOL I learn a lot and/or the 1.5 hours……..
    I thought one of the girls would come back on Sunday, I didn’t realize one of them would come back as soon as the house made a decision.
    & Jared and Raul were pretty quiet! And the push for Loveita to come back in so they can just put her right back out is interesting! To be honest with you, those of you that read this LOL Jared may just go with the flow and make it easier on himself and less of a Target, you know what I mean? Raul though….. after Kelsey’s speech he has to fight for her. And I guess if they have not come up with a decision by Sunday then maybe they will both Come Back In?? That would be awesome!

          • Yeah…. I know 🙁 lame! But you can see my response to this on my Facebook message to you 🙂 these feeds would have been the best! I guess there is absolutely zero way to find out who went back in the house now?!

          • And I haven’t been on here in a few days….. Any news? Anything leaked? I think Jared would give up and vote with the house bringing Love-ita (gahhhhhhh) back but I just can’t see Raul giving up on her. If Jared gives up on Kelsey he won’t go any further than first base with her ever again LOL I think she’d be pissed! Anyway blah blah oh yeah, one more thing I promise LOL do we know what will happen if they cannot come to a unanimous decision?

    • Where did you see Jared & Raul being quiet? What speech? Did the 2 girls go in right away & make a speech?
      I guess that would be SUCH a game changer! Wow!
      Talk about being flexible with your own master plan?!
      That’s fast!!

      • At the end of Thursday night’s episode Jared and Raul were quietly listening to some of the others debate on who should come back. We only got a few minutes or even a minute of it but they weren’t from the get-go pushing for Kelsey. Who knows though… What I mean by Kelsey’s speech is when she was speaking to the house about coming back in, Jared and Raul are going to have to fight for her to come back in because (for that whole minute LOL) We got to see/hear the Hgs talking about who should come back they were saying maybe just bring Loveita and then send her packing the next week. So, the boys are going to have to fight hard to get Kelsey back in if the house just wants to take the easy way out. You know what I mean? I hope they don’t! Bring her back and vote her out, all of this would have been so pointless! But I guess if she does come back in, either girl they will both have a lot to share and people’s minds can be changed. But I truly hope Kelsey is the one who comes back because I honestly think she will be way more entertaining! I just hope Jared especially doesn’t just give in to the house, you know what I mean? I think Raul will have to do most of the fighting for her though. In my opinion! And in Her speech she mentioned about strong bonds, I think that was a mistake because that’s exactly why they voted her out to begin with. Make sense? 🙂

        • She’s in…. Yah!
          Do we ever get to see how the discussion went? Who got talked into Kelsey & who really pushed for her?
          I think there’s more entertainment value with Kelsey in the house….. Now the house can get rid of Tim the entertainer! And boring old Nikki! Blah blah blah!

    • Both coming back in would certainly make the rest of the show more interesting! They could both work together then the smarter one, being Kelsey, would finally vote off her nemesis. Muah hah hahaha!
      Having only one come back in would just have her either voted off right away or, unless she was smart enuff to use the info, go to the end??? Maybe!
      Ohhhhh! I so want to know who goes back in so I can think of how the rest of the game is going to be played out.
      My gut thinks it’s Lovita cuz I think BB will manipulate it that way. Just like last year when the house wanted Vanessa out but for some reason she continued to be there week after week. How the hell that happened Is anyone’s guess! That made me not want to watch it this year but when BB ads came on & I saw this wild haired Aussie expressing whatever I thought, hmmmm i’ll give it a go! And now I’m hooked again!!
      Next time uhuh! No! Too much BB hand in the cookie jar!

  12. Hoping for Lovita , what happens if the house does not come to agreement. Not impressed that they cut off feeds or ended that we still wait

  13. If Kelsey is brought back I’m gonna be so annoyed. The only people I can stand to watch is Tim, Nikki, Cass, Joel, and Mitch.

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