Big Brother Canada 4: Feeds Go Dark Until Sunday

For some reason Global has decided to take down the Big Brother Canada Feeds as of Thursday night until Sunday’s show airs. I hope no one tells them every Sunday’s shows are spoiled by the Feeds three days before it airs.

Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada house
Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada house – Source: Global

If you were planning on watching some BBCAN4 Feeds this weekend then you’re going to need to find new plans. Perhaps in an effort to hide the results of whether Kelsey or Loveita are voted back in to the game we won’t see any solid Feeds before Sunday’s show is over.

It’s possible a few moments here or there will be leaked, but that’d almost make it worse if we know the results and still can’t watch the rest of it. Oh well. Nothing like a little mid-season momentum killer to really amp up your fans, right?

Oh well. If there are any spoilers out there, reliable spoilers, then we’ll be sure to share them here. Otherwise, we’ll see you on Sunday.