Big Brother Canada 4: Feeds Go Dark Until Sunday

For some reason Global has decided to take down the Big Brother Canada Feeds as of Thursday night until Sunday’s show airs. I hope no one tells them every Sunday’s shows are spoiled by the Feeds three days before it airs.

Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada house
Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada house – Source: Global

If you were planning on watching some BBCAN4 Feeds this weekend then you’re going to need to find new plans. Perhaps in an effort to hide the results of whether Kelsey or Loveita are voted back in to the game we won’t see any solid Feeds before Sunday’s show is over.

It’s possible a few moments here or there will be leaked, but that’d almost make it worse if we know the results and still can’t watch the rest of it. Oh well. Nothing like a little mid-season momentum killer to really amp up your fans, right?

Oh well. If there are any spoilers out there, reliable spoilers, then we’ll be sure to share them here. Otherwise, we’ll see you on Sunday.


  1. Seriously! That’s so stupid! Everything else we can see but now because of the ‘two girls’ they are shutting everything down!?! Why is that a huge spoiler???
    Like you said by Sunday we know who the HOH is, we know who is nominated, we know who got Veto & we know if it is use. Plus, we also have a pretty good idea who is going home on Thursdays. Sssshhhh don’t tell Big Brother Canada that we all know already! Really what do they care? It’s not like any of us (??) Don’t watch the episodes because we know what happened, right? Everyone still watches?!? So the ratings are not down because of it……
    Are “Kelsey and Loveita” REALLY that special????? If that’s all it is then lame! Sooooooo it better be for a better reason…… BUT doubtful!! What else could it be?

    • If anything the only likeable houseguests are Ramsey, Raul and Nikki. Tim is pretty much Derrick in this house

      • Nikki??
        She’s got to be the most annoying floater I’ve ever seen in any BB CAN or US.
        And Comparing Tim to Derrick doesn’t work for me. Tim is trying to screw with everyone. He flies by the seat of his pants going off about how to play BB.
        Has he even considered winning?
        Or am I missing something?

  2. BB has pissed me off 3 times today ?????
    AND SORRY, I know my posts are really long LOL I hope some people read them at least?!? Well I know some of you do 🙂 Thanks! For those of you that don’t, I get it! LOL but I’m not always a “Rambling crazy person all the time” haha soooooo……….

    1. One of the girls doesn’t come back in the house like we were told they would on last Thursday’s episode, were we not? (Okay, not a big deal because at least we know now how one of them will get back in the house & I think it will be Kelsey so I’m happy about that! At least they didn’t keep us hanging for another 4 days.) I really have been eagerly anticipating this episode!!! But I will get over it haha hahaha
    ——I watched a little bit of Big Brother after Dark last night & I swear Kelsey & Loveita were talking about finally getting out of that room and one of them coming back in the house today. At least that’s what I think I heard??

    2. I like that the hgs have to ‘unanimously’ vote for either Kelsey or Loveita however, I REALLY wanted to see the look on Maddie’s face when one of the girls walked in, now we won’t see that looks, jaws on the floor, excitement, shock, anger on all of their faces! Again mostly on Maddy’s! ?? & Kelsey/Loveita don’t get to see the shock, anger, glares etc of everyone (again mainly Maddie’s) when one of them walk through the doors. It’s less of a shock being told. Know what I mean?
    —— & to add to that (b/c I don’t say enough as it is haha) I have wanted that biatch Maddy gone since Week 1 & the main reason I was cheering for Dallas to leave tonight was to see Maddie’s face/ reaction again, when one of the girls randomly walked back through the front doors. So, really Maddy could be gone right now and I would be happy!

    & 3rd….. they are shutting off all live feeds and Big Brother after Dark until after Sunday’s episode! If I was a paying customer I would not be very happy LOL but really, we see absolutely everything from HOH to Noms to Veto to Veto Ceremony by Sunday so what’s the big deal now? Just because they don’t want us to know what the HGS choose? These next few days would have been pretty exciting (for lack of better words) to see/hear what they are saying to one another because it has to be unanimous. What deals are being made and what arguments are being had. And Big Brother can’t show us all of that on one or even 2 episodes so we will never know what went on. Yeah this stuff happens during nominations, a lot of talk, a lot of promises and what not but this is the first time ever? Hgs have ever had to unanimously vote back in a player so it would be a lot of fun to watch, listen, hear people’s arguments on which one should come back in, what deals are made and what not! We are going to miss all of that and never ever know. Sure the episodes are good to watch but it’s all the spoilers/behind “the scene” not shown on the shows that are more fun to watch! The episodes don’t give full details, they just brush on things because there’s just not enough time…. so this is our way to really understand what exactly is happening! In my opinion.

    • I’m pissed off that:
      1. They made it a 90 min show where it was just a bunch of fillers. We didn’t even get to see who won HOH or who came back. Worst episode of the season. Why did they make it 90mins if it was filled with a bunch of crap?
      2. They didn’t even show what really went down during the week. This past week was a drama filled week filled with flip-flopping and fights. They only showed about 10% of what really went down.
      3. They Hgs are dumb enough to vote in Kelsey just because they don’t like Loveita. Kelsey coming back would make Jared even more powerful since it would give him another ally and more power to control the house. But the gameplay this season has been a flop, they have been making terrible moves all season, so I am expecting Kelsey to come back. This season has been entertaining though.

  3. I am talking to myself LOL am I the only person on here from the West Coast? LOL
    I just wanted to break it down and see if some of you agree or not…..
    In regards to either Kelsey or Loveita getting back in the house by unanimous votes from the HGS…..
    Of course it has to be unanimous so it doesn’t matter what I think each houseguest would choose or not but this is how I see it….(based off whether the hgs do not know the girls have been watching them on TV because I don’t know if they were told that or not? If they know they were being watched, and sometimes listened to them someone like Cassandra, I’m really not sure what she would do. So I’m going to say they don’t know.)

    Cassandra chooses Kelsey possibly but who knows where her head is at! She’s all over the map lately.

    Jared & Raul choose Kelsey for sure! well unless Jared doesn’t want to mess up his game, again! But if he wants to get some ‘action’ from Kelsey after BB or maybe in the jury house, he better pick her LOL

    Joel – Loveita?

    Maddy tough one but I’m going to say Kelsey ONLY b/c Maddy for whatever stupid reason chose to backdoor one of her alliance members, Loveita!

    Mitch – Loveita? He’s a smart guy!!

    Brothers choose Kelsey because one of them has a crush on her & they aren’t playing very hard! LOL

    Ramsey – Loveita? Unless he sides with Maddie like a dumbass!

    Tim – Loveita? Just like Mitch, he’s no dummy. He won’t want the three-headed monster back together.

    Nikki – God who knows with her. Kelsey? Or whatever Tim tells her to do so could be Loveita?!

    Did I get everyone? So that means

    Kelsey — probably 6 and………
    Loveita — 4ish……
    With wild cards! Plus the 6 and 4 only have a few 100% yes!

    So, in my opinion Kelsey we’ll be coming back. Again, if it has to be unanimous I can not see Raul backing down for anything, any deal!

    But what the hell do I know…. I have conversations with myself! LOL & I don’t watch the live feeds and hardly watch Big Brother after Dark so I just get my information from the episodes and on here. I haven’t even watched tonight’s episode Duhhh (but I am about to! Maybe I should wait and watch the episodes before I make comments LOL LOL)
    I don’t even know if the Hgs were told Kelsey and Loveita were/are was??? watching them the whole time and can sometimes listen in. That could be a game-changer! For some people at least.
    So, this all said….. What happens if they cannot come to a unanimous decision? ………

    Okay, going to go watch tonight’s episode! Maybe I’ll come back and talk to myself some more after LMAO …. I do hope some of you read why endless amounts of chatter!? And I truly hope I don’t drive some of you crazy!? LOL
    I am just having fun 🙂

  4. Okay,…. are you guys playing an April Fool’s Day joke on me??? I think so…… Or else Big Brother Canada is playing at April Fool’s Day joke on me….. I mean us LOL I am watching the beginning of tonight’s episode and Arisa is saying one of the girls is getting back in! Did you create this page for me? LOL am I going crazy?…. I guess I will see you shortly.

  5. Okay that’s a load of baloney…. Why do the feeds need to be closed unless people need to go to bed? What are they afraid of? Twists are one thing, but hiding from the audience is another.

  6. I guess no news?? Nothing?? At all?? No secret spies or Shady production letting anything slip?? Come on!

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