Big Brother Canada Results: Who Went Home Last Night? 4/5/2015

It was a special Instant Eviction results show on Big Brother Canada 3 and we found out who went home last night when the new HoH had to put two more Houseguests on the block.

Kevin has Instant Eviction noms on Big Brother Canada 3
Kevin has Instant Eviction noms on Big Brother Canada 3 – Source: Global

We waited for days to find out just what happened and if those spoilers were true that Kevin made his instant noms shortly after Wednesday night’s show.

Yes, Kevin was called in to the Diary Room right after the HoH competition ended then over to the Vault where he had just five minutes to make his official nominees. Let’s see what happens.

Big Brother Canada 3 – Week 3 Instant Eviction Nominees:

  • Naeha
  • Brittnee

Arisa tells Kevin that if he reveals these secretly made noms then he will be immediately evicted from the game. This should be a surprise for the other Houseguests.

Aww snap. Arisa tells the HGs they have to announce their votes publicly and all must reveal even once there are enough votes to evict.

Eviction Vote – Week 3:

  • Zach votes to evict Naeha
  • Jordan votes to evict Naeha
  • Sarah votes to evict Brittnee
  • Bruno votes to evict Naeha
  • Godfrey votes to evict Naeha
  • Pilar votes to evict Naeha
  • Graig votes to evict Naeha
  • That’s enough votes. Naeha is evicted.
  • Willow votes to evict Naeha
  • Johnny votes to evict Brittnee
  • Ashleigh votes to evict Naeha
  • Bobby votes to evict Naeha

By a vote of 9-2, Naeha Sareen was evicted from Big Brother Canada

Head of Household competition – Week 3.5:
Houseguests are paired up and standing on small gear shaped platforms. They must both stay up or they’re out of the race. Behind them are two more progressively smaller gears that I expect will be their next steps over time.

Pairs: Bruno & Graig, Johnny & Pilar, Brittnee & Sarah; Godfrey & Willow; Ashleigh & Jordan; Bobby & Zach.

Graig & Brunno are the first out when they fall from the third and final platform. Graig gets $1000 & a letter from home after they R-P-S for it.

Zach & Bobby fall next. Zach gets the 4-week Slop Pass after neither agree to accept it (target fodder). Jordan & Ashleigh goes next with their “prize” being to wear scuba gear around the house for 24 hours.

Pilar & Johnny drop after having to go to one foot. Their “prize” is to get a pie thrown at them everytime Big Brother says the magic phrase. Johnny takes this punishment.

It comes down to Brittnee & Sarah against Godfrey & Willow. Godfrey falls with Willow which means the ladies have it. Sarah gives it to Brittnee since she was just nominated 2x.

  • Brittnee wins Head of Household.

Congrats to Brittnee as she prepares to work with Sarah for their nominations. We’ll see that play out on Monday night’s show along with the Power of Veto competition and ceremony. Live Feeds return later tonight where we’ll probably get all those spoilers for you.

What do you think of tonight’s BBCAN3 results? Were the right choices made?