Big Brother Canada Recap: Season 4 Premiere Arrives

Head of Household competition:
This Head of Household competition is called “One Night Stand.” Each HG has a rope and a tiny platform that gets smaller as it goes. The rope is tied up in the middle and may tighten and pull during the comp.

Arisa announces a comp twist. Joel was voted “most likely to lose first” while the brothers were voted “most likely to win.” If Joel isn’t the first down then he’s got immunity the first week. If the brothers (Phil) don’t win then they get stuck in isolation for the first night.

Water is spraying all over them and it’s ice cold. Everyone is shivering as Joel desperately hopes someone else falls first… and that goes to Cassandra who was worried about her makeup. Yeah. So Joel immediately bails with his immunity. I guess he didn’t think he could win it. Fair enough.

Dallas falls next then Christine then Paige then… I can’t keep up. They’re all failing.

After a long struggle Nick does fall and he takes out Sharry with him. That was really not fair at all. She should have been given a chance to get back in it.

Now it’s down to the Milk Man and Loveita. I mean Jared and Loveita. Jared asks if he’d be safe if he drops and she says yes, but we hear in the DR that she was willing to say that in the moment. Think she’ll go back on it?

Time for the Wild Card twist as we meet the 4 international potential players. Either Jase or Tim and either Nikki or Veronica will enter the game. Viewer voting remains open until Thursday afternoon. The results will be revealed to us tomorrow night. Arisa tells the HGs that’ll be “tomorrow” too, but they filmed this episode six days ago…

SO! What did you all think? Was this a great season premiere? I’m pretty excited to see where it goes even if we’ll have to deal with overwhelming twists and heavy production manipulation to see how it all turns out. It’s part of the BBCAN fun we can expect.