Big Brother Canada Recap: Season 4 Premiere Arrives

It’s time to meet our new Big Brother Canada 4 season and Houseguests with tonight’s premiere as host Arisa Cox welcomes us in the front door and gets the games rolling.

Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada
Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

Fourteen players will walk in the BBCAN front door tonight and they’ll soon be joined by more, but that’s later to come as the season starts off fast just as we’ve come to expect from the overly twist-heavy branch of the series. Let’s see how those all turn out this season starting tonight.

Our season long coverage is back and we’ll be watching all the episodes and Live Feeds again this season so stick with us for the Big Brother Canada spoilers here and with links on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates too.

Follow along here with us tonight for our live recap starting at 9PM ET and share your thoughts along the way to keep the conversation going below in the Comments section. Thanks for joining us again this season for BBCAN4!

First group arrives to enter. Dallas (first in), Cassandra, Sharry, Philippe, and Maddy.

Next five are up: Joel, Jared, Raul, Loveita, and Kelsey.

Final group: Mitchell, Ramsey, Christine, Paige, and…

The first fourteen Houseguest are in the BBCAN house and celebrating with champagne and lots of drinks. It’s the happy dance phase of the season. Give ’em a few days.

Now we get the first twist of the season with Nick Paquette. Yep, that’s Phil’s brother and according to Arisa, neither knows the other was going to be on the show and they’re about to be reunited. Nick walks around doing the meet and greet but Phil and Nick play it cool. How much longer can they keep that under wraps? Not much longer at all. Arisa says their cover is about to be blown.

Arisa announces to the HGs that Nick and Phil are brothers. They’ll be working as a unit. If one is evicted, the other goes with him. Only one votes and only one competes each week. They RPS for it and Nick wins so he’ll be competing this week.

Time to find the first HoH of the season. Phil stays inside while the rest of the house heads out back.