Big Brother Canada: HGs Prepare For Week 4 Eviction

Liza & Tom on Big Brother Canada

We’re still a few days away from the next eviction on Big Brother Canada but the signs are pointing towards one of this week’s nominees as the strongest candidate for being the next to walk out the door. Read on for those spoilers or kick back and wait for Thursday’s show.

Poised with the choice of evicting either Liza or Tom it appears the HGs are planning to keep Liza. While no one is particularly enthralled with Tom it seems the fact that they dislike Liza even more is actually helping her stay in the house as they know she’ll be an easy target down the road.

Things took a turn for the ugly and immature last night when Tom, one of this week’s nominees, threw open the shower door as Alec was bathing away and exposed him to the Big Brother Canada online viewers. Seems like this was a move in the direction of retaliation by Tom against Alec for not using his Veto and if people weren’t happy with Tom before this move is definitely not helping him.

Considering how disgruntled the HGs are right now we could see yet another shift in eviction plans, but at this point Tom is about to hit the road.

While I started to think Emmett’s cheating and losing his HoH position is what lead to Tom’s demise in the game, but if you take a step back to last week you’re reminded that Tom decided to save Gary, the HoH who has him set up for eviction. Poor choice, Tom. That move came back to bite you in the ass.