Big Brother Canada: Crazy Week Ahead With Instant Eviction & More

Big Brother Canada 2 isn’t going to slowly wind down as many seasons of BBUS do as the numbers dwindle. Instead we’re in for a wild ride that we’re still learning about as we go.

Jon and Neda celebrate on Big Brother Canada
Jon and Neda celebrate on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

The craziness kicked off last night after the live-not-live show ended and the Feeds returned to show Neda locked in the War Room reading her HoH letter and watching the HGs on the screens (video only, no audio). HGs were very worried about where she had gone after being called to the DR a long time ago.

It seemed like Neda might be in the room for a bit to generate drama, but she actually ended up spending the night in there. At one point HGs were pressed up against the wall listening for her after hearing noise coming from the secret room. Allison even snuck back later and tried to open the door using the same method as before, but no luck.

We’ll keep watching to see when Neda escapes from her War Room prison.

Next up is going to be an Instant Eviction. The Big Brother Canada website’s game section is citing an upcoming Double Eviction Week, but there’s no Power of Veto listed for the first round.

What would happen in an Instant Eviction is the HoH’s first round of nominations would become the final set and HGs would vote between those two options. Yikes.

Unfortunately this means the Feeds are going to be down for the weekend once all that starts happening so we don’t see who is evicted before Sunday night’s BBCAN show.

But wait, there’s more. The next big event will be the return of Jillian and Emmett to the house for a strategy session with the winner of the next Power of Veto.

By the time we get to next Thursday’s HoH competition we’ll be down two more HGs and that much closer to the season finale. Buckle in, readers. Things are going to start moving fast!


  1. This is gonna be a fun ride as we journey towards the finale. I’m happy to see anyone left at this point to win, surprisingly even the Gremlins.

    I don’t know, the twists just keeps on coming which makes it interesting, not unlike last year’s BBUS where that season’s twist didn’t leave much of a spark as I was hoping it would and I just hated almost everyone in the jury (except Elissa, Jesse and Candice) with a very unlikeable final 3.

    • I really like how they keep trying new twists and things for the HGs. I might not like all the twists themselves, but the effort is good. It’s always such a drag when BBUS just crawls to a halt in the last few weeks. This is the way to do it (more or less).

      • True. Supposedly for BBUS, the jury phase is a time where the stakes are higher and everyone has to play for themselves by that point with production basically hands off until it has to.

        BB14 was lucky as it had Dan to make that portion of the game must-watch TV.

  2. I love the twists and turns. Especially a double eviction in one week. Not really liking the way they’re using the war room right now though. Neda will have to make her noms based on PAST conversations. While in there she can see them but not hear them and i don’t see how this is an advantage since everyone knows that they all have strategy sessions with each other even if they don’t plan on honoring them. It could actually screw her in the end. She will have to make assumptions. And we all know what happens when we ass-u-me things.

    • I think her mind was made up long before being trapped in the war room. Her, Jon, and Heather have been strategizing for weeks. She knows who to nominate.

      • I’m hoping it backfires on her. I liked her in the beginning but her arrogance is beginning to show. Which is exactly what i didn’t like about Arlie. Her goodbye message to Arlie was mean spirited. It could go either way with his jury vote. Either he will think that she is a great player because she got the big dawg out (his ego again) or he will be pissed that she got in Jons ear and killed their alliance..

        • I agree her message was pretty nasty. I still would like to see Heather, Adel, Jon and Neda in the final 4.

        • I’m hoping she gets the Topaz treatment (naming noms in a separate room while everyone else are watching over at the living room) so she knows how it feels to be in Ika’s shoes when she was placed on the spot.

  3. It’s too bad Neda doesn’t have an audio advantage. I would take that over any visual. It will be very interesting to see what she does. If I were her I would use the bobble heads to figure out different scenarios. She is a thinker & doesn’t let her guard down. Go Neda!!

  4. Hated the instant eviction not fair the person did not get a chance to save them self! Hated it!

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