Big Brother Canada 2: Week 8 Instant Eviction Episode Tonight

Big Brother Canada 2 is on Slice tonight at 9PM ET/PT and this is going to be an episode you will not want to miss as we dive straight in to an Instant Eviction elimination!

Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada
Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

After last week’s eviction show a new Head of Household was crowned and things look set for a normal week, but Big Brother Canada was going to have nothing like that. Instead Neda, the new HoH, was whisked away to the Secret War Room where she stayed for the night watching her fellow HGs on the monitors. Soon the Feeds were cut off and we were left to wonder.

Somewhere behind that “Hush Hush” screen the Big Brother HGs gathered to hear Neda’s nominations and then head in to the Diary Room to vote for the next eviction. After that the eliminated HG was sent out to meet Arisa in an empty studio. No crowd for her.

Once the first HG was evicted for the week the was a new HoH competition and a return to the normal routine. Tonight we should get through all of those events to find out who was nom’d, evicted, and is the new HoH.

My guess? Rachelle and Sabrina were nominated and with no Veto one of them went home. Previously the plan had been to keep Sabrina longer, but I wouldn’t put anything past Sab’s annoyed fellow HGs. It just depends if you’d rather share the house a few days longer with someone who pees in the hot tub or eats all the cheesy poofs.

We’ll be back here tonight at 9PM ET to cover the show live with all the latest Big Brother Canada spoilers and results from the weekend’s events. See you here then!

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