Big Brother Canada 2: Week 8 Instant Eviction Episode Tonight

Big Brother Canada 2 is on Slice tonight at 9PM ET/PT and this is going to be an episode you will not want to miss as we dive straight in to an Instant Eviction elimination!

Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada
Arisa Cox on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

After last week’s eviction show a new Head of Household was crowned and things look set for a normal week, but Big Brother Canada was going to have nothing like that. Instead Neda, the new HoH, was whisked away to the Secret War Room where she stayed for the night watching her fellow HGs on the monitors. Soon the Feeds were cut off and we were left to wonder.

Somewhere behind that “Hush Hush” screen the Big Brother HGs gathered to hear Neda’s nominations and then head in to the Diary Room to vote for the next eviction. After that the eliminated HG was sent out to meet Arisa in an empty studio. No crowd for her.

Once the first HG was evicted for the week the was a new HoH competition and a return to the normal routine. Tonight we should get through all of those events to find out who was nom’d, evicted, and is the new HoH.

My guess? Rachelle and Sabrina were nominated and with no Veto one of them went home. Previously the plan had been to keep Sabrina longer, but I wouldn’t put anything past Sab’s annoyed fellow HGs. It just depends if you’d rather share the house a few days longer with someone who pees in the hot tub or eats all the cheesy poofs.

We’ll be back here tonight at 9PM ET to cover the show live with all the latest Big Brother Canada spoilers and results from the weekend’s events. See you here then!

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  1. Matt, i’ve seen several posts on other websites that post a link to this site. Apparently a lot of people are taking your guesses as leaks. I’m assuming that you are going by how things operated in past schedules and what strategies Neda had before entering the war room?

    • Anyone treating my nomination and eviction guesses as leaks are either straight up lying to their readers or plain illiterate. I clearly state “my guess” before those. I have not seen any leak reports.

      As for the rest, according to the official site fantasy game there is no veto before the first eviction and the week is listed as Double Eviction. That plus the down Feeds are pretty strong indicators of of an Instant Eviction.

  2. Omg! I can hardly wait til tonight! I’m not sure which way I would vote. I would like Sabrina to go cause she drives me crazy with her constant crying & whining. But then again there are 2 strong players to get out, Rachelle or Allison…….which one will it be…..

  3. The anticipation is killing me! I cannot wait any longer, a few more hours to go and we get to see how things went! I’d be happy to see Sabrina or Rachelle gone. I’d think the other would self-evict, they’re basically attached by their hips.

  4. Don’t you think this would be the perfect time to backdoor Allison? Neda has stated a lot how she doesn’t trust her.

  5. I would say that if Neda didn’t know it was instant then she probably had a plan to backdoor Allison, but if she knew about it, I think Allison would be outta there. this should be a great show.

    I gotta say, I’m a little bummed that so many people seem to be complaining about all the twists and stuff going on (not necessarily on here but on the bbcan site). I think it’s been very exciting so far and i really didn’t like this cast off the bat so I’m happy bbcan has kept me very interested.

  6. I hate instant evictions, it’s a lame twist, and it’s not even fair for the nominees to not be able to fight for veto. I wish they’d drop that twist already.

  7. Adele’s comments were rude and inappropriate and I for sure hope that he goes home soon and if he does make it to the end we Canada get a vote. Let’s not vote for someone who goes after someone personally by lying about their character and beliefs.

    • I have watched all big brother ever in this world. All big brother after dark and all big brother spoilers lol. I didn’t understand ever why Sabrina acts the way she acted towards adel. May be he is right. People disliking anyone bec of their religion culture or colour of the skin and this has to stop. Common people why can’t we all just accept each other and celebrate the difference. Adel lived there in that house and I’m sure his feeling must be hurt.

    • I don’t think adel is rude. Sabrina was after him right from the very start of the show but he was always nice to her and everyone and now he thought he had to get this out of his system. I don’t blame him.
      I love sloppy second group. They represent the new generation of Canada.

    • I’ve always been rooting for Adel. But i don’t see how his little speech helped his game any. ONE of the gremlins will be staying….and just might win HOH next week. He would surely be put on the block if that happens. And most likely whoever he was on the block with….HE would go home. He’s low man in that alliance. AND he’s forgetting about jury votes. You don’t want to piss off someone whose vote you might need. Just sayin’…..he could have taken the high road and helped his game. But i just don’t see how he thought taking the low road would.

  8. Adele, Adele he is kind of mean…did you see when he was going to hit the moose :/ I wanted him to win, but after tonight’s comments…I don’t think so….

  9. There is a point in BB when the powers that be go too far in manipulating the game and this did it for me. Playing with the game makes it look like the players have no reason to play when rules keep changing. Also having the public have a say in who wins is just wrong when we know all the background stories on these players – you are losing a fan BB

  10. Ok I don’t want to be rude but I HATE Sabrina!!!!! Like with a passion!!! She is the fakest person on EARTH, forget about just the BB house. The crying, the lying, the acting, OMG I’m so over this loser!!!!!! She seriously makes me hate watching the show. She makes me want to throw my tv remote at my tv when she speaks. The fakest person EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can someone plz evict this loser once and for all?????
    And Adel is the nicest guy on there, for people to say he’s rude for just blowing up 1 time, makes me think u really don’t know anything about this game. Try holding in your emotions for 3 months straight!!

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