Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: BBCAN9 Week 4 Nomination Plan

On Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 9 episode, we saw LaToya leave the BBCAN9 game.  It wasn’t a complete blindside, but Jedson, Tychon, and Beth were the only ones who voted out Kiefer, which established that they were basically at the bottom of the Big Brother house. If they didn’t win the HOH, one or all three of them could see the block this week. Their only slight beacon of hope was if Kiefer won the Head of Household and wanted to stay true to the Sunsetters.

The Big Brother Canada gods were on Jedson, Tychon, and Beth’s side because Kiefer won the HOH. He has a different set of targets in mind. Kiefer wants to take a shot at the Oddballs alliance and go after a different pair.

Kiefer had a lot of vague conversations last night, but he told his B90 alliance, and closest allies Tina and Tera his plan for the week. He plans to nominate Kyle and Rohan. He wants to break up this pair, and he’s still a little peeved about the pantry confrontation from last week. Jedson, Beth, and Tychon have a different plan in mind. They want Austin backdoored and out this week, but Kiefer made a deal with her when they were the final two in the HOH competition to not nominate her and Breydon.

Kiefer is not afraid to go back on this deal if necessary, but he would prefer to break up Rohan and Kyle this week. Austin, however, will likely be the replacement nominee if Kyle or Rohan win the Veto. Kiefer later shared with Tychon, Jedson, and Beth that his true target this week is Kyle. He wants Kyle out of the BBCAN9 game. He also told Tina and Tera that he kind of wants to lie to Kyle and Rohan by claiming that he has a backdoor plan in motion, but they are his true targets.

Join us later today as we see if Kiefer sticks to his plan to nominate Rohan and Kyle.

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