Big Brother Canada 6 Spoilers: Week 5 Nominations

BBCAN Spoilers with host Arisa Cox

The Big Brother Canada 6 Feeds revealed the latest spoilers as these results bring us the nominations for Week 5 of BBCAN6 after a delayed ceremony to announce the new HOH’s decision.

This round of BBCAN is moving a little slower after we lost Feeds for the night on Thursday following the Double Eviction. Nominations were delayed until this morning and that could also mean a late start to the next Veto comp.

BBCAN6 Nominations Week 5:

  • Erica nominated: Ryan & Merron

Erica putting Merron back on the Block again, but I’m not so sure she has a Backdoor target this week like she did last time with Veronica. Merron has pleaded his case to Erica and hopes Ryan will still be on the Block with him if he’s there on Thursday night.

It seems like an odd choice here to go after these two when there are definitely bigger & badder targets to take out of the game, but we’ll have to see if there’s more to this plan than Erica is revealing so far.

What do you think of Erica’s nominations? Who would you have put on the Block this week for Big Brother Canada?

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