Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Discussion: Comp Beast and Major Target

Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Discussion Comp Beast and Major Target

Last night we watched as two more of the Big Brother Canada 6 HGs were evicted. The feeds went down for the day like usual, but didn’t return until midday today. When they came back, we found out who won HOH this week on Big Brother Canada. Some people are happy about this HOH win, but others are worried about what this win could mean for this HG.

Warning: Big Brother Canada 6 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know who won the HOH this week, do NOT read ahead! 

Erica has proven that she can win comps, but with us only being five weeks into the season and her already racking up the wins, could this be a bad thing for her game in the future? There is no denying that she is a beast at the comps, but this also makes her a huge target.

Erica has won two HOH’s and two POV comps so far this season and is only one comp away from breaking the record for most comp wins by a woman on Big Brother Canada. I’m also going to note that she is only three wins away from breaking Demetres’ and Kevin’s comp wins record from last season. With us being only five weeks into the season and Erica not having any super close allies, she should really start working on her social game. This way she can find someone in the house willing to work with her that can help swap wins so she doesn’t end up going home. Otherwise, she won’t be breaking any records this season.

Everyone wants to see her go after Daela this week, but keeping Daela in the house could take some of that target off her back. After all, nobody wants to see a showmance make it this far into the game. I personally think that Erica is a bigger threat than the showmance, she has proven that already, but who in the house would make the move to get her out? Is there any scenario where Erica can escape this target or do you think her winning all these comps so early on has hurt her game to the point where she could potentially go home next week? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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