Big Brother Canada 6 Spoilers: Week 2 Nominations

BBCAN Spoilers with host Arisa Cox

The Big Brother Canada 6 Feeds revealed the latest spoilers for the newly started season and tonight’s results bring us the nominations for Week 2 of BBCAN6.

Our new HOH was revealed after last night’s eviction and now he’s got his noms on the Block. No big surprises here and nothing changed from our expectations earlier in the day but now it is official.

BBCAN6 Nominations Week 2:

  • Ryan nominated: Andrew & Hamza

Ryan said he’d go with the flow and put up who the majority wanted to see nominated rather than who he wanted to go after. Well that’s weak, but he also promises there’s a backup target in the works and that’d be Olivia. Doesn’t much matter yet though without the Veto playing out. We’ll need to see how that goes on Saturday and then we can start planning for targets from that.

If the noms stay the same then it’s more likely Andrew going home next. I bet he wishes he never got that special goblet!

What do you think of Ryan’s nominees? If he wanted Olivia out then maybe he should have just put her up. Instead he’s playing to the house and they’ll turn back to playing him when he’s out of power which will happen sooner than he seems to realize.

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