Big Brother Canada 6 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 2

Ryan talks nominations on Big Brother Canada 6

We have the spoilers on the new HOH for BBCAN6 and with that follows the plans for which HGs will be heading to the Block. This week’s Head of Household hasn’t made any secrets about who is going up and how he’s making that decision.

Ryan is calling the shots, well kinda. Really Ryan is planning to just go with the house and right now that’s been settled as putting the nominations target on Andrew and Hamza. The majority also want to get Veronica and Merron out since they’re the latecomers, but their top priority is Andrew this week.

HGs are coming to meet with Ryan and he’s openly telling everyone that Andrew and Hamza will be up on the Block later today, but wait, there’s more!

Ryan is hinting around that he may have a backdoor target and has even chatted about HGs’ willingness to vote out another player instead. Looks like that HG is Olivia.

We’ll have to wait for the Veto comp to see what Ryan’s options will be for the final noms, but for now I’d expect Andrew and Hamza up today with Ryan keeping an eye on Olivia as his alternate and possibly the true target this week on Big Brother Canada.

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