Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds: Nomination Anticipation – Week 10

Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Nomination Anticipation

We have a new HOH in charge as we go into the final week of Big Brother Canada 6. There will be a special eviction episode on Wednesday which will give us our final three and then Thursday is the two-hour season finale! Although this week’s nominees may seem pretty obvious, keep reading to find out who I think will be nominated this week on Big Brother Canada 6!

With Maddy being unanimously voted out of the Big Brother Canada house last night, there are only four HGs left in the Big Brother Canada 6 house. The HOH comp results are also in and it looks like Paras is in charge this week and considering her close relationship with Will inside the house, he will not be an initial nominee.

Paras is most likely going to put up the power couple, Derek and Kaela for eviction this week and the only way they can save themselves is with the Veto. This week could get interesting if Derek or Kaela win the Veto. Will is the only person left in the house that hasn’t won a competition yet this season. The Veto comp is going to be very important for him to win because if he ends up a replacement nominee, there is only one vote this week and he will be the next jury member.

This just further proves that they should have split the power couple up earlier in the season. What do you think of the F4 in the Big Brother Canada house? Who do you want to see win the Veto this week? Who do you think has what it takes to be in the F3? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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