Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 21 Recap: Johnny’s Revenge

Big Brother Canada 6 Week 8 Head of Household CompetitionOn Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 6 eviction, Ryan left the house, while Johnny got a new life in the game. Johnny did a lot of behind the scenes work last week to keep his spot in the house. He formed alliances and made deals with almost the entire house. He even convinced Derek and Kaela to keep him in the game.

Anyone outside the house knew that that would be a dangerous move for them. Johnny has had his eye set on the pair, and it was just a matter of time before he striked. Realistically, at least one member of the Derek and Kaela showmance was bound to leave this week, no matter who won this HOH.

The impending triple eviction made it almost a done deal for the end of one or both of their games. We also knew that if Kaela didn’t pull off this Head of Household win, Derek or her for sure would be a target this week, especially after they traded off HoHs these last two weeks.

BBCAN6 Week 8 Head of Household Competition:

Thursday’s episode ended with all seven players still holding on for their game lives. They had to stay on a giant candy the longest to become the new Head of Household.

A gummy ball explosion occurs to make the candy harder to hold and stand on. Maddy falls off first, followed by Olivia and Ali. Then Kaela falls, which leaves Will, Paras, and Johnny as the final three.

Will falls next, which leaves a battle between Johnny and Paras. Johnny proposes a deal that no matter who wins HOH, they don’t nominate each other. She agrees and the comp continues.

Paras falls…

Johnny becomes the Head of Household!!

He kind of adds insult to injury by making Kaela and Derek Have-Nots.

BBCAN6 Week 8 Nomination Ceremony:

Deals are made and broken without a second thought in the Big Brother game. So anyone who believes they’re safe this week, should really wake up and start playing Big Brother.

Johnny calls out Derek and Kaela for trying to get him out last week. Kaela says that everyone was telling her to put him on the block. Kaela encourages him to ask everyone about what they said to her about him.

They have a house meeting where Kaela calls out everyone for wanting Johnny out. Then Kaela tells Johnny what Paras said about Johnny and Maddy coming after them. He then has a separate meeting with Kaela and Paras, and then just Kaela.

Johnny then has a meeting with Derek, Kaela, Ali, and Liv to expose their alliance.

Johnny decides he doesn’t want to take out kaela this week, but doesn’t think Maddy, Paras, and Will are good enough at competitions to see them as real threats. He would want Derek to go home, but believes if Kaela is on the block, she goes home against anyone.

Johnny nominates Derek and Kaela for eviction!

Join us on Wednesday to see if one of them can win the Veto, and save the showmance.

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