Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 18 Recap: Will Daela Stay in Power?

Big Brother Canada 6 Week 7 HOH CompetitionLast week, Kaela promised Canada that a big move would be made. Then Paras effortlessly sent Kaela spinning down an easy route, the get Ryan out path. Kaela toyed with the idea of nominating Johnny and Erica, but ultimately set sights on Maddy, but then that got changed.

Kaela made getting Ryan out her main mission of that week, but when Johnny won the Power of Veto, she thought about taking a shot as his ride-or-die, Erica. When Johnny didn’t use the Power of Veto, Kaela went back to focusing on getting Ryan out.

Canada interfered  to save Ryan from eviction, which gave Kaela another change to make a big move. She made the biggest move of the season by getting out comp beast Erica.

Erica didn’t leave the house calm and made sure to tell a few people off. Johnny was also raging about Erica’s eviction. Going into this week’s Head of Household, emotions were running high.

BBCAN6 Week 7 Head of Household Competition:

This Head of Household competition tested the houseguests’ memory. They had to answer questions comparing two events: The houseguests had to say if the first event happened before or after the second event. The player not eliminated by the end of the game became this week’s HOH.

Round 1: Will is the only one eliminated

Round 2: No one is eliminated.

Round 3:  Ryan is eliminated.

Round 4: Everyone is correct. No one is eliminated

Round 5: Maddy, Paras, and Ali are eliminated.

Round 6: Everyone is correct. No one is eliminated.

Round 7: Tie breaker question.  Derek comes really close to the real answer.

Derek is the new Head of Household!!

BBCAN6 Week 7 Nominations:

Johnny decides to deny his vote against Will, to keep him as an ally. But no one really believes that Johnny voted against Erica. Eventually, he confesses to everyone that it was him.

Ryan suggests that he might be an ally for Derek down the line.

Will Ryan still alive for what seems like the hundredth week, will the Head of Household make a move against him? Or go after a bigger, possibly more deadly threat?

Derek decides to nominate Johnny and Ryan for eviction. Join us Wednesday to see if one of them can win safety with a POV.

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