Big Brother Canada 5 Week 9 Voting Plans

Well I imagine that little move didn’t go as planned. This week on Big Brother Canada 5 the voting plans are shaping up for an interesting eviction as the remaining HGs prepare for the F4.

Demika on Big Brother Canada 5

Veto Ceremony arrived a night early on Sunday but the plans were set and now so does the eviction votes. Or at least it’s looking like it so far.

Kevin wants to get Demetres out and win he won the Veto over Dem it seemed like he had a chance at then. But then it looked like Ika was trying to sacrifice her game to keep Demetres in since they were both on the Block. Well then Kevin would just save Ika to stop that and watch Dem walk out, right? Nah.

Ika came down off the Block on Sunday and Dillon went up in her place. Kevin just had to hope Karen wouldn’t flip on Dillon who she had appeared to grow close with recently. Well that didn’t work out.

Last night Karen confirmed to Dillon that she’ll join Ika in voting him out and he’ll be the fourth straight Newbie to head to the Jury house after the upcoming vote.

Of course nothing is set in stone and we could get a last minute surprise by Karen, but I’m thinking she’s serious about this move. Karen might not even care what she does either because I wouldn’t be shocked to see everyone try to drag her to the F2 for an easy win. Is there anyone left that she could beat? I’m not so sure, so maybe she’s just trying to have a little fun here at Kevin’s expense, surprising no one.

We’ll keep watching but for now I’d expect Dillon to be evicted 2-0 this week on Big Brother Canada. What do you think will happen?