Big Brother Canada 5 Live Feeds: Dallas Scrambles For Safety

After Saturday’s Veto competition in the Big Brother Canada 5 house we knew there were some changes coming but the potential new target didn’t expect what was about to happen next.

Demetres and Dallas talk noms on BBCAN5

Vets are sitting in a good spot as they had two Newbies on the Block last week even though it was a Newbie that won HoH. They’re now up a number in the balance game and they could do it again this week if they play their cards right, but do they want that?

On Saturday we watched the BBCAN5 Feeds and saw a few Vets discussing getting rid of Dallas, yeah one of their own numbers. Ika, Cassandra, and Neda mentioned it might be time to send Dallas on out the Backdoor if they had the chance. Then when Dillon won the Veto last night it looked like that might come together after all.

Dallas made the mistake of hanging around with Dillon and there was some budding bro’ing going on there. Demetres wanted Dillon gone but with that Veto win he was willing to get the next best thing, a strong ally of Dillon’s. Well there you go, Dallas.

Late last night Cassandra and Ika broke the news to Dallas. He was probably going up and if he did then he was going home. Dallas was shocked and realized he needed to distance himself from Dillon, but it was likely too little too late.

This morning Dallas changed up his strategy and went to Demetres with the offer that he’d go after Dillon and Karen if they kept him around. Later the guys caught up again and Dallas pushed again to make peace and offer himself as a strong ally. Soon Demetres was shaking on it with Dallas. He told Dallas that he is still planning to put him on the Block, but he’d help campaign to keep him over Emily.

Well did Demetres mean it? Not long after we saw him talking with Neda relaying the talk and saying it was still a good opportunity to take out Dallas this week. So it sounds like he wants to make nice with Dallas in the moment but Demetres isn’t taking any of his options off the board just yet.

Dallas will still likely be this week’s renom after Dillon uses his Veto win to take himself off the Block. That’ll give us Emily and Dallas on the Block. Not all the Vets are willing to band together to save Dallas which leaves him vulnerable especially if the Newbies decide to avoid being in a 6-8 disadvantage going in to next week.

What do you think Demetres should do? Is Dallas the better target option over Emily? Who would you go after for renom and eviction?