Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition Results

Spoilers are in for BBCAN5’s Veto competition this week with the house full of players looking to make a move for themselves and get their own shifting target out the door.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto

The new HoH set the nominations yesterday but now it seems that every time a door closes the whispers start over who should really be the one to go. Time to find out who definitely won’t be going anywhere this week on Big Brother Canada 5 and could even change up the HoH’s plans.

Competing today along with Demetres (HoH) were his two noms, Dillon & Emily. Drawn to play were Karen, Kevin, and Neda. It’ll be interesting to see how Neda handles playing for comps when she’s not in any danger thanks to her Time Warp twist. Will she want to keep her head down on major events or pad her resume? Probably the latter, right?

So Demetres’s target has been Dillon and he wasn’t been hiding that. A few Vets were talking aoubt maybe pushing for a Dallas BD this week, but of course there was soon backtracking that they’d want to stick with Dillon. So much for that plan.

Power of Veto Results: Week 2

Dillon won the Veto.

Dillon won the Veto comp, which looks to be the Oreo promotion themed comp, and he’ll be safe this week since you can be sure he’ll save himself.

In his place Demetres is strongly considering putting up Dallas and that’s probably going to be a shock to Dallas. At least it will be if people can keep quiet about it for a few more days.

Who do you hope to see renom’d in Dillon’s place? Would Dallas be a good option to target instead now that the main goal is coming off the board?