Big Brother Canada 4: Vote Plans In Week 8

We are down to only six votes FIVE votes now with Ramsey gone this week on Big Brother Canada 4 as the week’s final nominees face the upcoming eviction vote on Thursday night where one will be sent to Jury.

Maddy worries about the votes on BBCAN4
Maddy worries about the votes on BBCAN4 – Source: CBS

Phil and Nick have made their picks for noms and now it’ll be up to the House to decide on who goes because with Ramsey leaving the vote count drops to an odd number for a second week in a row.

Tim went up on the Block next to Maddy after volunteering for the job and while the brothers toyed with the idea of going after him in this vulnerable position they’re back to targeting Maddy.

With no tie-breaker to worry about Tim just needs three votes. He’s got Cassandra, Joel, and Nikki’s votes for sure. Done and done. Then I think he can make it a full sweep with Jared and Kelsey who won’t want to be keeping Maddy around.

It’s a pretty clear cut decision this week as once again the previous week’s HoH heads off to Jury. Uh oh, brothers, you all better watch out next week, huh?

Who would you vote out if you were a HG on BBCAN4 this week? Maddy or Tim?