Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto spoilers are in for this week on Big Brother Canada 4 as the nominees were ready to do whatever it took to win the PoV and save themselves.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Global

So did the nominees pull off the win and force a change in this week’s plans? Read on for the BBCAN4 spoilers!

Jared, Joel, and Kelsey joined Cassandra as the HoH and her two noms, Phil (& Nick) and Nikki. That left only Tim out of the competition and watching from the sidelines, but with Cassandra calling any renom shots he didn’t have to be too worried.

It was a “how bad do you want it?” comp and the brothers wanted it pretty bad. Yes, they won the Power of Veto and will remove themselves from the Block on Monday.

As Kelsey pointed out, this comp was geared for the guys to win because the women are not going to shave their heads which is exactly what the brothers did.

Sarah Hanlon returned to host the game and did the shaving for the brothers. She also gave a strategy session to Cassandra, but it wasn’t just strategy in general it was specifics on which players to trust and work with (Tim and Joel). Good grief. I don’t know why BBCAN even bothers closing the door and taking away their phones anymore.

The brothers can’t play for Veto next week and wear a skunk suit all week. Joel is on Slop for the rest of the season and can’t bathe this week. Cassandra won the talk with Sarah and she has to be a maid this week. Jared has to be dunked in eel water.

So will Cassandra name Jared or Kelsey as the renom? We’ll have to keep listening to see her next move come together.


        • I was reading tweets while the feeds were blocked were people were saying they expect Phil to lose this week’s POV competition (and even the house were expecting that). I just had this sinking feeling that air of complacency will come back to bite everyone hard with Phil winning it all.

          • But I don’t understand why Nick’s head got shaved when it was Phil’s turn to play this week? Did Phil get his shaved too? If not that’s just not fair! Maybe if Jared had a bro in there his bro would’ve shaved his head??

          • Phil has his head shaved as well. They probably share that particular punishment or Nick felt the need to share his brother’s burden by shaving his as well.

          • Ok that makes sense but I sure hope it doesn’t happen. But I didn’t expect the boys to win veto either lol.
            Now I was thinking it would be a fair representation of a comp for everyone…. Who knew it would just suit the boys. Ok ok… The head (or part head) shaving is what I’m referring to.

          • Nikki said it best though (courtesy of Hamsterwatch):
            There was no skill in that POV, all that was involved was stupidity & desperation, which is why they won it, they qualify for both.

  1. Well this isn’t good for Jared he better start campaigning for somebody else to go up. Here’s hoping for a miracle

    • I dont understand why everybody is against jared he is playing the game I would rather him win then a Cassandra or Nicki? seriously the english chick looks like she swallowed spoonful of castor oil every time she speaks I have never seen a mouth contorsion like she does

      • Mouth contortion!! I L♥️VE that!! And so very true…. When she’s on that’s where my eyes go to….. Lolololololol!
        International shouldn’t win here in Canada. Nor should they be second!! And the HGs are all in agreement with this so why don’t they just vote out them??
        I’m so over this show! But yes I will be here until the end cuz I just want to get more disappointed.

  2. Someone from the outside world giving advice on who to work with?! I. AM. DONE! This nonsense about others FROM THE OUTSIDE giving advice is B*LLSH*T! I’m done Big brother Canada. I said in an earlier post that while our twists are kinda boring (I mean seriously we have had the same returning juror competition the past THREE seasons -_-), Canada can learn a thing or two from our version as well- stop INTERFERING WITH THE GAME! Sometimes you need to let the cards fall as they may. I’m not watching the rest of this BS seasons or series anymore. I will see all of you in June for BB USA. While our twists are repetitive and somewhat boring, at least WE have minimal production interference!

    • its called “expect the unexpected” big brother is a game about twists, if there were no twists it wouldnt be big brother. having fun twists like this make it more interesting. if there were no twists every season would be predictable. mitch would’ve won this season with ease, zach and ashleigh would’ve been the final 2 last season most likely, and gary wouldn’t have been able to become a great bb player.

      • I don’t know how long have you been watching Big Brother. Twists is always a part of BB. Everybody knows that, but you’re missing the point. BB house is a controlled environment. They are isolated with no communication with the outside world to keep the integrity of the game. “Expect the Unexpected” doesn’t apply here….”Corrupted”..Yes! BB US doesn’t do this sh* least not this magnitude.

          • BB sure has failed us Tink. It’s a shame, the first season was so good but it went down hill from there. I’m so disappointed.

          • I agree. The first season was the best. I also liked the one with adel. I love those 2 seasons and can’t seem to forget it.

        • Thank you! Production interference isn’t a twist and I’m not watching BBCAN anymore due to this horsesh*t.

          • I don’t think they know what “sequestration” means either. I wont be surprised if the Jury is watching them on big screen.

          • Some real firecrackers working for BBCAN this year!
            Yep…. Real firecrackers!
            How about splitting the bros right on voting night? Suuurrree BB that would be completely fair.

        Like Cyril said this game is completely CORRUPT!!
        Bad bad bad bad bad BBCAN #4….. Shame shame shame!!

  3. I knew the brothers would win Veto this week and go figure it is a challenge geared towards men! Clearly BBPRO wanted the brothers to end because that means more drama! Big Brother clearly had that “Comp” on purpose! Big brother has been doing this all season! Super disappointed! They are setting up each week the way they want it to go down! The last HOH comps the remaining players couldn’t even fight for it themselves. At this stage in the game it’s completely unfair. Just like their stupid comps that are up to complete chance.

  4. The HGs first get to hear all the dirt from their family members the other day and now Cassandra gets to hear from Sarah on who to trust and how to play! Completely unfair! So wrong! And not the game of big brother at all! What happened to absolutely no outside contact whatsoever?! And these types of situations only help certain people. They completely screw other people’s games. I’m so done with this season! I hope next year they get their s*** together and remember what the game of Big Brother is supposed to be. SMH!

  5. So I’m hearing Cass had a one-on-one session with Sarah, reminiscent of Neda meeting with Jillian and Emmett back in Season 2.

    Does any one who watch the feeds now what really went down? Did Sarah really give outside information (she is well loved, the Canadian PM declared his fanaticism on the brothers, Jared and Kelsey are in the news, etc etc for example)?

    • Sorry but I’m not a Sara fan!! She’s weird & Peter Brown is super weird!!
      Can anyone tell me what he says or what he’s doing after he’s announced by Ariza? He kneels down on the floor pretending to scribble something on the floor then taps his watch…… What a complete GOOF!! And why is he even on the Sideshow? What was his claim to fame to do that show? He’s annoying load voice?
      They are both annoying.
      And why is our PM even watching this silly reality show? I can watch this fluff cuz I’m just an ordinary inquiring Canadian. But our PM must be smoking weed then parking his arse with the munchies watching this fluff! Justin…. Really? Don’t you have better things to do now that you’re voted in?
      Like at least get the weed legalized?

        • Oh ok…. Lmao! I’m just too pissed right now & thanks for the honesty. But if he is watching it the big question is ‘why’ is he watching it? Lol

  6. Wow! I’m stunned, shocked & so very, very disappointed in BBCAN right now! And it looks like everyone else is pissed too!!!!!
    I’m suggesting we all write production & tell them the piss off being the ‘mastermind’ this year!!
    Seriously! Go ahead & remove my comment but how completely unfair.
    First you bring in 2 ringers then allow 2 HGs to spy on the house with one returning. Then set up comps, allow voices from the outside world now expect the HGs to shave their heads & give open advice to one of the players on their opinion of who to trust?? I CALL BS ON BIG BROTHER PRODUCTION THIS YEAR & HOPE WHOEVER IS IN CHARGE IS FIRED!!!
    This isn’t what I signed up for!!

      • I’m just so pissed at how production gets their fricking fingers in this game. If they want to play it for real, rather from the sidelines, why don’t they put themselves in the game? Or apply like the rest of them!! Grrrrr!
        Fricking frack!!!!!!!!

  7. If Cass sends Jared home she’ll piss off Kelsey and if Nikki goes home Tim will be pissed so she will have to get some blood on her hands this week. Since Nikki is coming after her it may be wise to send her home.
    As for Sarah, what happened to the rule of no information from the outside world?
    I agree with the rest of you; you mine as well have them watch the episodes every week. Although last year when I complained about this everyone said its part of the show!

  8. I’m soooo pissed off with BBAD too!! I’m watching last nights BBAD and the boys don’t have their heads shaved, Joel is eating regular food & this is suppose to be live? How is this live if we already know that Joel is on slop for the remainder of the game & the boys shaved their head? Or nick did…. And wasn’t it Phils turn this week?

    • They announce it. For some reason they decide to black out AD (with replay), until the show tonight. Of course we know everything because we read the spoilers here, but many people don’t. So they will find out tonight. BBAD will be live tonight.

  9. I best get off this site & not comment for a while…. You guys must be getting frustrated & annoyed with my overload of comments today!!

    Lol I’m nothing like Peter or Sara – I promise! Im not that annoying I mean….. Usually but my husband might not always agree… Heh heh!

    Canada is so lame sometimes! Being Canadian is always great tho! Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

    But I’d love to visit other countries…. Australia is really is nice but Tim…ahhh… Not so much a fan!
    Hey Mary?! Lol

    K I’m done until later tonight…. And please, everyone, take my comments with a grain of salt…. I wish no harm on anyone….

    Ttyl TINK

  10. I want to tell bbcan hopefully u guys will get some therapy for the brothers, specially phill.
    He is extremely uptight and anxious. U can see he is always in some deep thoughts.
    I love the brothers. They are the nicest people u ever had in bbcan. Very thoughtful and wise. But they need to loosen up and enjoy the journey.
    housegusts are behaving well by not bulling each other, unlike big bro USA.
    Canada doesn’t put up with bullying. Great lesson bec I know a lot of young people watch this show.
    Please tell the brothers they are good people and viewers can see that.
    But please please please relax. Let the tension go. Try sitting at one place for a while. Lol

  11. Now, I wouldn’t say that this comp is totally unfair as the nature of it says it all, “How bad do you want it?”. It’s a very individual mental game and it’s something one should expect to happen.

    It doesn’t favor anyone except for those who really do want that POV so I’m surprised Jared didn’t go all the way with this unless he feels his precious locks is more important than anything else.

    • In reality it takes a female much longer to grow her hair back than a male. So with that said I do believe that this comp was favoured for the boyzzzz!

      • Had this been like the one from BB14 (the week of the double veto), maybe it could have been more evened out.

  12. I’m loving bbcan 4. Good job Bbcan.
    Love the moment when the brothers see their mother and cried. I love love the brothers. They are well taken care of by their mother.

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