Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto ceremony results are in on the Live Feeds for this week’s Big Brother Canada 4 events and we have the results giving us this week’s final noms for Thursday’s first of two evictions.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Global

Cassandra, the new HoH, set her sights on some big targets, but was she able to keep that plan under control and the noms how she wanted them? Read on for the latest BBCAN spoilers.

It was a change in plans for the HoH after the brothers secured the Veto on Saturday thanks to a competition catering to men over women and a willingness to shave your head. Oh well. Time for a new plan.

When the brothers used the Veto to get off the Block Cassandra went with Jared as a renom. He’s now up on the Block against Nikki and one of those two will be heading to Jury on Thursday.

BBCAN4 Week 9 Final Noms:

  • Jared
  • Nikki

Right after the meeting Cassandra, Tim, and Nikki gathered in the HoH room to discuss their worries over Joel possibly flipping on them to vote along with the brothers and Kelsey to vote out Nikki while keeping Jared. Hmm, I’d be surprised, but Tim suggests something went down over night. With the Feeds down for twelve hours who knows what went on.

What do you think of Cassandra’s pick? Should she have turned on her allies Joel or Tim or maybe used Kelsey instead of Jared? Share your thoughts below.

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    • Cassandra expects it to be a tie and she wants to be the one casting the vote to send Jared to jury. She thinks that will be her game winning move that will ensure she is the big winner if she makes it to final 2. I think it should have been Tim but he currently has Cassandra misted and she believes he will be better at protecting her moving forward than Jared & Kelsey. However, she does plan to go to final 2 with Joel and not Tim. We’ll see.

      • If she goes with Joel she’ll lose, guaranteed!! Joel could possibly win with anyone in the other seat!

        The Aussie & Brit NEED TO GO NOW!!

        You’re right Terry it should been Tim or really even Joel. Joel had been all over the place until Cass took him under her wing after Luvita left.

        He’s really a hidden floater. But becuz he has some challenges in life I think the jury would vote him as winner.

        That’s not to be a sympathy vote either…. It’s just reality.
        We all have challenges in life; some have more than others.

        Winner winner chicken dinner! Muahahahahahahahahahaha!

        • I agree. I think the Jury will be against Cassandra. I also think Canada will be a jury member instead of Ramsey so I think Joel is guaranteed a win over Cassandra!! Remember in Big Brother US when Jordan beat Natalie. I think it will be like that. Tim would vote for Cass. Brothers vote for Joel. Maddy vote for Joel, Jared vote for Cass, Kelsey vote for Joel, Nikki vote for Joel. She would lose!! Her best chance at winning would be if Nikki was with her in the final 2

          • Ya but…. But…. But…. then an international gets to win when a Canadian should win. 2nd place gets something like $50k.
            It would really piss a lot of players & viewers if an international won. I get some wouldn’t care but in reading posts here & listening to the HGs it seems like it wouldn’t be a popular vote.
            Put anyone against the brothers & they’d win (I think) cuz not many players respect the bros. or at least it looks that way from these red eyes!

          • He might vote more on a strategic level! He might decide that Cassandra was a better player!! I think Jared would vote for whoever took him out!! Therefore, if Cassandra took him out, I think he might respect her more!!

      • I think Cass deserves to win over Joel. However, if it is Cass and Joel in the final 2, I think Joel would win because Maddy hates Cass. I think the girls would be more likely to vote based on emotions but she could win 4-3. But I honestly think Nikki and Cass would be Cassandra’s best shot!! If Cassandra is finally two with Joel, I could see Joel winning because Ramsey is not in jury and Canada might be the 7th vote!! I believe Canada like Joel better than Cassandra. Over all, Joel will probably beat Cassandra.

        • Even tho (in my opinion) Cass has played a better game. But yes, if Canada is the other vote it will go to Joel if he’s up there.

  1. Cassandra did the right thing! Although if Jared’s stays and now that the brothers are safe Cassandra is now going to be a big target!
    But why would Joel flip? What happened? He’s a smart guy, I think regardless of whatever it is “that happened” he knows getting out Jared is the smart thing to do!
    and why were the feeds down for so long? What the heck is going on there???

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